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8 Clear Ways On How To Survive Blue Monday This January

The concept of Blue Monday was coined in 2005 by psychologist Cliff Arnall who was a lecturer at the University of Cardiff in South Wales. It was developed in a bid to boost summer holiday bookings for Sky Travel.

The saddest day of the year, according to Cliff, would be marked by debt, guilt over not being able to keep up with the goals set for the year, bad weather, and the contrast between the recent holiday cheer and the harsh return to boring reality.

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Blue Monday lands on a different date each year.

Normally, it lands on the third Monday of the month of January and is believed to be the most depressing and saddest day of the year. Think of Monday blues but on a more grander scale.

There are, however,  ways to beat this blue Monday. Check them out below:

Work Out

Exercising and working out is a great way to boost your mood and uplift yourself.

This is because, when working out, endorphins are usually released in the body and they work as mood boosters, triggering the parts of the brain that need it.

Go Outdoors

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Normally, people prefer getting cooked up in their houses and binge-watching their favorite shows when they are feeling low.

All this does is increase how sad or depressed you are feeling.

Because, at the end of the day, you still will not have accomplished anything.

Whether it’s still cold outside or not, master up the courage to go outside and do some outdoor activity. Even if it’s just walking to the grocery store, it will be rewarding.


Getting creative has been an escape from reality and its stresses for so many people throughout history. While creative people are thought to be the most depressed, they actually create gold that stands the test of time.

Look at famous artists and musicians, for example, creating something comes with that feel-good feeling.

So whatever it is that you like or want to try out for the first time, go for it! Grab some paints and paint something, or play the guitar, whatever tickles your fancy.

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If your physical space is cluttered and messy, it will have a negative effect on your mental state.

Get to work on decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need that you might have been hoarding.

The process of decluttering your space is therapeutic and results in unclogging of the mind too and its stressors.

You Are Not An island

The worst thing you can do to yourself when everything seems like its falling apart is isolate yourself.

To get out of your own head, make time to spend with your support system and socialize with friends. This will always uplift your spirits.

Healthy Diet

People usually put on a few extra pounds over the holidays and when January rolls around, the instinct to keep picking up fast greasy food persists.

By choosing to keep a healthy diet instead, you will be much more happy and less depressed.


The holidays come with a tonne of noise and activity. To get back to normal, practice meditation and wellness.

The mediation will help quiet down the noise.

Engage in activities where you pamper yourself like massages and manicures.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Sure you didn’t hit some of your goals for the year. You are not alone and you should always remember that you did the best you could and tomorrow’s another fighting chance. Don’t believe the hype.

There are no scientific findings to back up the ‘Blue Monday’ theory so if you block out the noise, you will be just fine.

Try and lower the expectations you have on yourself and you will never have a low day in your life. You are only human.

Instead, be grateful for how far you have come and the things you have achieved, no matter how small.


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