The Man That Won The Jackpot 14 Times Explains How To Win The Lottery

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Winning a lottery is something all people see as a dream that will never come true. It’s just something that happens to others, right? You hear the news on the TV “Mrs. Peterson won astonishing $330 million and quit her job! She’s opening her new business and is moving to the Maldives”. It just doesn’t seem like a thing that could ever occur to you.

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However, if you change your attitude, a lot of things can actually change and come to you. And to prove you wrong about your sensation that winning the lottery is simply not something that would happen to you, there’s a story about a guy from a small town in Romania that will definitely change the way you see this. He’s a mathematician, and that thanks to his determination and some really hard work, managed to win the lottery 14 times!!! Well, just how unlikely is that? Continue reading and discover what’s his strategy and what are his tips for winning the lottery!

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