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The Man That Won The Jackpot 14 Times Explains How To Win The Lottery

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Winning a lottery is something all people see as a dream that will never come true. It’s just something that happens to others, right? You hear the news on the TV “Mrs. Peterson won astonishing $330 million and quit her job! She’s opening her new business and is moving to the Maldives”. It just doesn’t seem like a thing that could ever occur to you.

However, if you change your attitude, a lot of things can actually change and come to you. And to prove you wrong about your sensation that winning the lottery is simply not something that would happen to you, there’s a story about a guy from a small town in Romania that will definitely change the way you see this. He’s a mathematician, and that thanks to his determination and some really hard work, managed to win the lottery 14 times!!! Well, just how unlikely is that? Continue reading and discover what’s his strategy and what are his tips for winning the lottery!

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1. Powerball Jackpot Prize

Knowing how to win the lottery sounds like a skill most of us would like to have. Especially when knowing that the current Powerball jackpot jumped to an unbelievable $625 million payout. But how is it possible?

Well, a man called Stefan Mandel developed a formula thanks to which he won the lottery 14 times across the world! But in order to fully understand his strategy, it is important to get back in time and take some things into consideration.

2. The Odds

Winning a lottery is among things that are least likely to occur to any of us. You’re four times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have that much luck to win the lottery even once.

To put it in numbers, the odds of anyone buying a jackpot-winning lottery ticket are 1 in 195,249,054. That’s just one in almost 200 million. And the math doesn’t lie, that’s why it is highly unlikely to win the lottery. You just have to be so lucky to choose that winning combination of numbers. But how come these odds don’t apply to Stefan Mandel?

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3. Living In Poverty

Apparently, Mandel created a six-step process that is designed to hack the system. This Romanian-Australian economist’s first two wins were in his native Romania while he was trying to earn money to emigrate with his family out of the then oppressive, communist country.

It all started in the late 1960s when the profound misery in his country made Mandel live in poverty and earn only $88 a month. He couldn’t support his family with such a small amount of money, so he needed to “get some serious money, quickly”. He wasn’t, however, the only one thinking that way, and in fact, plenty of Romanians turned to crime in order to raise their earnings. However, Mandel had something else in the plan: the lottery.

4. Playing The Game

But who would ever try to “game” the lottery? You are more likely to get crushed by a vending machine than to win it. One man and his knowledge of numbers made the news worldwide for winning the lottery 14 times. But that wasn’t just any guy.

Apart from being an economist (read – mathematician) Mandel spent more than a decade reading mathematical theories. He was a natural with numbers and he loved to spend his spare time analyzing theoretical probability papers written by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci from the 13th century.

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5. Obsessed With Combinatorics

Mandel studied so many papers on combinatorics that after a lot of years of research he wrote a “number-picking algorithm” that was based on a theory called “combinatorial condensation”. Although he had a job as an accountant, he never stopped leaning more and more into his true passion – maths, and combinatorics.

Eventually, his determination and consistency in researching his field of interest turned out to be very profitable. He told in an interview for a Romanian magazine, ” Mathematics properly applied can guarantee a fortune.”

6. Predicting Winning Numbers

Using his own algorithm, Stefan Mandel claimed that he could precisely predict 5 out of the 6 winning numbers by reducing the number of combinations to mere thousands (when there are more than millions of different combinations).

However, being able to do so wasn’t enough. He needed financial support from his friends and acquaintances in order to take a big risk and take the first step toward winning the lottery. What Mandel was about to do, was something no one even tried before which is why everything he has done was completely clean and legal.

7. The First Lottery Won

He, along with his friends, purchased large blocks of lottery tickets with all the combinations that were more likely to be the winning ones. Of course, the mastermind behind the selection of these combinations was Mandel himself, and he trusted his algorithm with no doubt.

Indeed, he won the first prize of 78,783 lei ($19.3k). Although he walked away with only $4k, that amount was more than enough to bribe the foreign ministry officials and leave Romania for good. He was now getting prepared for another, even bigger jackpot.

8. Australia

After 4 years of moving from one European country to another, Mandel decided to settle in Australia and try to game the lottery in a different way. He realized that there were lottos whose number of possible combinations was lower than the jackpot.

In theory, this meant that if Mandel decided to buy every single possible combination at 1$ he would win the lottery and still be left with a decent profit. As he said, any high school math student could calculate all the combinations. But how was doing such a thing possible back then? Did he fill out thousands of tickets number by number?

9. Simple Method

In the end, Mandel’s approach was quite a simple one, but it was complex from a logistical point of view. That’s why he did something very clever. While working as an insurance agent, Mandel convinced a couple of hundreds of investors to pool their money and create a “lotto syndicate”.

Thanks to their money, Mandel developed a full-fledged automation system – A room full of computers that were calculating the combinations according to Mandel’s algorithm and printers that were printing the combinations out on lottery tickets.

10. The Lottery Syndicate

When Mandel introduced computers to his system, everything was much easier. Before, he had to write out millions of combinations by had, but now he could outsource all the boring work to a machine. However, this approach also required some patience.

Mandel’s lottery syndicate waited throughout the 1980s for the opportunities in which a jackpot was a higher number than the number of total combinations. After that, the syndicate would buy thousands of tickets and print out the combinations. This way they managed to win 12 lotteries in Australia and the UK. They also won 400k in smaller prizes. But what was the magical 6-step formula that enabled them to win so much?

11. The Mandel’s Formula

Mandel’s formula was quite simple. And it was based on these steps. 1. Calculate the total number of possible combinations. 2. Find lotteries where the jackpot is three times or more the number of possible combinations. 3. Raise enough cash to pay for each combination

4. Print out millions of tickets with every combination 5. Deliver the tickets to authorized lottery dealers. And finally, step number 6. – Win the cash! Although it might be financially quite simple, this formula requires some very complex logistical requirements. You’d also have to find plenty of investors that you’d pay off in the end.

12. Changing The Laws

However, Mandel’s system also had some flaws. Every time he won, he’d have to pay out his investors and to pay the taxes. So for example, in 1987, he won $1.3 million but pocketed only $97k. Another flaw was that his repeated winnings eventually attracted the attention of Australian lottery authorities.

They outlawed both computer-printed tickets and bulk purchasing of tickets by a single individual, which immediately inflicted on two of the Mandel formula’s important steps. So, he was set to win the scenes of the international lottery.

13. Virginia Lottery

Using his lottery profits, Mandel hired scouts over North America that compiled a list of lotteries that had jackpots at least 3 times bigger than the total of all possible combinations. That’s how Virginia lottery caught his eye. Buying tickets in bulk was still allowed and you could still print them at home.

So, Mandel knew exactly what to do, he set up 30 computers and 12 lasers to print 7m tickets and shipped the one-tonne of paper to the US. He now had to wait until the jackpot hit the right number. And, on February 12, 1992, the Virginia Lottery jackpot hit $27m. Mandel won the Virginia lottery which eventually cost him spending 20 months in an Israeli prison. However, the Mandel’s formula is no longer possible as buying unlimited lottery tickets and printing them at home isn’t allowed.

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