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Hugh Jackman Thought Wolverines Weren’t Real Until He Got His Famous Role In X-man

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Learning about animals can be really fun. As kids, many of us were asked to pick an animal to study and introduce others to facts we found interesting. But in the current age of information technology, why not learn as much as you can about a specific animal? Would Google have helped Hugh Jackman with his role in the X-men series?

Hugh Jackman is the unmistakable face of Wolverine, a well-known character from Marvel Comics. Many fans believe that the 49-year-old actor is the one and only man for the job. And with how well he played the part of the angry mutant with a metal skeleton, one would think he nailed the audition with flying colors.

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Hugh Jackman’s introduction to becoming Wolverine actually got off to a rough start. What was the problem? The actor didn’t know what wolverines were or what they even looked like. As far as he knew, the animals didn’t exist in reality.

Because he believed what he did, Jackman focused his energy on researching the animal he thought the wolverine actually was: a wolf. The actor even went so far as to watch a documentary on wolves at a Toronto IMAX. The poor man’s research lasted two weeks and did not have the payoff he was expecting.

While on set and going through his lines for 2000’s X-men, director Bryan Singer noticed that the Wolverine actor was walking a little funny. “Why are you doing that?” the director asked. Jackman explained to his director that he had been researching wolves for a while. They let him know kindly that he was supposed to be portraying a wolverine, prompting the actor to say “There’s no such thing.” It wasn’t until the director told him that wolverines existed that Hugh Jackman believed they did.

Yet he may not have known what a wolverine was when he started, Hugh Jackman surely got even more popular thanks to one. For many he will remain known as the only Wolverine.

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