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The Incredible Story of the Real Human Barbie

The way girls around the world played changed forever when Barbie was introduced. It happened on March 9, 1959, and the way this doll was built influenced and reshaped how a “perfect woman” should look like for decades to come. Her hourglass figure with an incredibly thin waist and perfect hips, flawless skin, and big, blue eyes quickly became synonyms of this worldwide famous doll.

Most young girls just enjoy playing with Barbies and letting themselves lost in their fantasy worlds where anything can happen, however, others took the doll a bit too seriously. Some people like Valeria Lukyanova held onto ideals to such an extent that her transformation from a regular girl to a Human Barbie caught a lot of media attention that put this Ukrainian girl under the spotlight. But how far did she go? What motivated her to literally become a plastic doll that doesn’t even smile? Read on to find out.

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1. A Doll Since The Beginning

Valeria was born in 1985, as a daughter of Valery and Irina Lukyanova. Lukyanov family lived in Tiraspol, Moldova at the time, a tiny town where the couple planned to raise their children and provide them with as much love and quality they needed.

Her parents had quite unusual professions at the time. Her father worked as a construction builder during the day and played music as a DJ at night. Her mother, from which she gained her beautiful looks, was working in the military. Ever since Valeria was born, everybody noticed that she had a “dollish” beauty because of her long blonde locks and big doll-like eyes.

2. A Lot Of Dolls

Just like all other girls her age, Lukyanova had a big collection of Barbie dolls. She loved dressing up each doll to the nines in different outfits. However, this was still something that most young girls were also doing.

But what’s different about Lukyanova is that her interest in Barbies didn’t diminish with time. She remained captivated by Barbie’s symmetrical shape, perfect look, and flawless beauty. However, no one in her family could predict that her obsession would also transform her in so many ways.

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3. Determined To Succeed

Although Valeria Lukyanova says she lived a happy childhood, she knows what it means to struggle with hardships and financial crisis. She grew up watching her parents worked hard to survive and make sure their children are being raised well.

So, early in life Lukyanova decided that she will have to be strong and determined to secure herself more security and fortune. Therefore, she moved to Odessa, Ukraine when she was just a 16-year-old girl and obtained her degree in architecture at the Odessa State Academy of Constructions and Architecture.

4. Beautiful Girl

Some kids’ beauty fades with age, but that wasn’t the case for Lukyanova. In 2007, she entered the “Miss Diamond Crown of the world” beauty contest and won thanks to her charming big eyes, full lips and shiny platinum hair.

The contest counted 300 contestants, so her beauty definitely proved to be one of a kind. The beauty competition didn’t forbid candidates that had undergone plastic surgery, but at the time, Lukyanova was still all natural and won among all of them. Winning this contest was the first step in her upcoming fame.

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5. Body Modifications

Despite being a perfectly attractive and beautiful girl and being well aware of it, Lukyanova wasn’t satisfied at all with her looks. She had a totally different look in mind that she was trying to achieve.

As you probably guess, she wanted to become a real-life human Barbie and decided to take some drastic measures that will help her achieve Barbie’s unnatural proportions. The mere start of procedures Lukyanova decided to undergo was the breast augmentation.

6. More Procedures

In order to get the makeover she wanted, Lukyanova was ready to do plenty of other procedures that would let her transform herself completely. Despite denying that she has undergone plastic surgery, it was more than clear that this Ukranian girl did plenty of procedures.

Critics immediately started commenting on her looks and stated that she surely must have had a nose job, brow lift, cheek and neck reduction, and a shaved jawline. But that wasn’t all! Apparently, Lukyanova also did liposuction on her limbs, scooped-out shoulders, breast lift, and a sculpted tummy tuck.

7. Denial

Despite the evident transformation of the young Human Barbie, Lukyanova still denied that she had any surgery. However, more and more people became suspicious of what she was saying and in addition to her provocative photos and unusual look, she gained even more fame for blatantly denying she has undergone any plastic surgery.

It was quite impossible to believe, as, at the time, Lukyanova definitely looked more like a plastic doll than like a human being. In fact, people on the Internet labeled her as an “almost inhuman beauty” that sometimes reminded of aliens.

8. Getting Fame

Lukyanova is now worldwide known as the first Human Barbie. But when did this all start? At what point did she gain so much popularity? It all started when she appeared on a Jezebel blog and with the photo shoot in V by Sebastian Faena.

However, as you are probably aware, the popularity didn’t bring her only fame, but it brought some bad experiences too. People started accusing Lukyanova of her bizarre choices and made very offensive comments and insults on her.

9. Impossible Proportions

At the look of Lukyanova’s tiny waist, you sure would wonder if such a perfect hourglass frame would be possible without the aid of plastic surgery. Therefore, suspicions grew that she had to remove her ribs in order to achieve the look she was looking forward to.

Besides admitting that she did a boob job and that she uses a lot of makeup and contact lenses, Valeria still continued denying any plastic procedures. She said that people altered her photos when she was younger in order to look her like she had undergone a body modification. She said that she owed her looks to good genes, strict diet, and daily gym workouts. However, there was something very strange in her beliefs about food and working out.

10. Breatharian

While we’re quite used to hearing that most models follow very strict dietary and workout plans, Lukyanova had a nutritious approach that surprised us all. At first, she stated that she deprives herself of food and eats a liquid and raw vegetarian diet.

At some point, Lukyanova also tried to live as a “breatharian”, which basically meant living only off air and sunshine. However, the sunshine part was a problem for her since she always avoided ultraviolet rays in order to maintain her flawless skin.

11. Different Kind of Barbie

When you say Human Barbie, one would most likely picture her all in pink, driving a pink beach buggy, going on beach parties and having lots of fun in the sun. But Lukyanova had a totally different vision.

She spent her time doing meditation and yoga, gymnastics, personal blogging, photo shoots and she even did out-of-body experience into the astral body on a daily basis. Lukyanova is very devoted to spirituality and actually works as an instructor at the International School of Out-of-body Travel.

12. Spirituality

Lukyanova is very contradictory in her beliefs and practices, which is why it’s very hard for people to understand what’s her point behind all of this. However, she seems very serious about her spiritual journeys and calls herself a spiritual guru. She also has a spiritual name: Amatue.

She strongly believes in the spiritual body and transcending the physical. Her beliefs confuse a lot of people because of her life choices. Why would she be so obsessed with her looks if she believed that the physical body should be transcended?

13. Contradictions

No matter how unlikely that might look to you, but the so-called Human Barbie is very devoted to her spirituality. She believes that one needs to do spiritual work in order to achieve results. Lukyanova doesn’t think looks can bring you luck, and her goal is to help people get in touch with their astral selves.

She even wrote a book called “Astral Travel Amatue” in 2012 and made it available on her website. She stated that her main goal is to master the art of astral traveling which will enable her to reveal all secrets life hides from us. But how did she form all these beliefs? The answer to this question is another thing that surprised us about her.

14. Teenage Phase

In her teenage years, Lukyanova was experimenting with her many identities. At one point, she considered herself a witch, wore all black garments and even went to the forest to prance around fires.

However, this phase didn’t last for too long. Instead, she kept on exploring her other identities and discovered her “otherworldly” personas. But all of this was still rooted in something deeper that made her believe so strongly in all of these things.

15. Mother’s Influence

Valeria Lukyanova certainly got her good looks from her mother, but that wasn’t everything she inherited from her. Her mom Irina, influenced her to embark on a spiritual astral journey, yoga and traveling.

Her mom did not only support her daughter through her obsession with beauty, but she also introduced her to all of the astral notions. That’s how Valeria got into the spirituality world and started to believe she was separate from this world.

16. Coming From Venus

Lukyanova’s critics often comment on how Lukyanova looks like an alien, and it seems that she agrees with these people after all. She appeared on the TV show Vice in the documentary series called “Space Barbie,” where she explained why she doesn’t think she’s human and revealed that she hails from Venus.

She thinks she was sent to Earth to teach humans about astral life and journeys. She claimed that she was different because of her hyper-awareness and the spiral visions from a very young age. Also, her mom drew a chalk circle around her bed in order to separate her from the world surrounding her.

17. Amatue

Lukyanova shared her story about vertigo and spiral visions that made her sleep poorly. These experiences were so strong and they danced around her, taunting her to the point that she went mad. She had to master controlling her mind in order to stop the visions get the better of her.

After talking about these things, she gained a new nickname “Space Barbie”. However, she prefers her epithet, Amatue which is her spiritual persona in which she mediates and falls into trances while holding snakes and other objects. Despite thinking she has otherworldly origins, Valeria still decided to seek help at one point.

18. Psychiatrist Sessions

Lukyanova started to question her sanity and she decided to seek the help of a psychiatrist. She explained the episodes she encountered at night: spiraling images, dizziness, voices and all sorts of unusual visions.

Surprisingly enough, the psychiatrist didn’t prescribe her therapy and said he understood her world and said to appreciate her special skills. He found Lukyanova to be a person that would perfectly fit the psychic field.

19. Psychic Group

After the session at her psychiatrist, Lukyanova decided to seek a group of people that would embrace her psychic abilities. Although these activities seem quite unusual and crazy to other people, she found them very comforting and they made her feel she had a purpose.

But that wasn’t all that Lukyanova was gifted for. Apparently, the Ukranian Barbie did also DJing, opera singing and composing. She even recorded two albums called “Sun in the Eyes” and “2013”. As you probably guess, the albums were released under her spiritual name, Amatue.

20. Younger Sister

Despite being related by blood, Lukyanova’s younger sister is quite a different girl. Although one can see some similarities between the sisters, Olga looks quite more natural with her brown hair. But it’s not only that they are different in how they look. Olga also smiles a lot, while Lukyanova finds it unnecessary and prefers her doll-like expression.

Olga went through a phase in which she looked up to her sister and even tried to imitate her style but eventually gave up because she didn’t felt that the whole Barbie look was for her. She defends her sister and doesn’t like when she is being called “Barbie” because of its connotations of an unintelligent being. But, their brother has definitely a much different personality than his two sisters.

21. Unstable Brother

And while Olga seems to be a perfectly normal girl, their brother Ivan is quite an unstable guy. At first, he might seem like a normal guy that likes to build his airplanes and machinery, but the truth is that he has much more going on on the inside. After extensive research on Lukyanova’s brother, it turns out that he had a sexual obsession with his sister from an early age.

Ivan used to wear his sister’s belts and even posed with her in compromising positions in pictures. He also claimed that his sister is his ideal definition of beauty. The siblings also didn’t talk for a while because Ivan publicly shared some Lukyanova’s photos, but she eventually forgave him and even tried to find him a girlfriend among her fans. But what was going on in the Human Barbie’s love life?

22. Surprising Choices

Seeing Lukyanova in provocative photos would probably get one to think she is quite a sensual woman. Her stances when it comes to love are quite patriarchal and unusual. She doesn’t believe in sex and intimacy, but she believes in marriage.

She is married to her childhood friend Dmitry Shkrabov who is today a Ukrainian businessman. He supports Lukyanova’s choices and loves her appearance. Her husband is so head over heels for her.

23. A Supportive Partner

Dmitry and Valeria are in an open relationship which they both have no issues with. Lukyanova also doesn’t have the desire to be a mother someday and explains it with her otherworldly origins. In the outer space, everyone is asexual and there are no such things as children.

However, the couple makes their relationship exciting in plenty of other ways. She said about him, “Dmitry is always on my side. He loves and supports me. He likes me with makeup and without.” They are both vegetarians and they often enjoy dinners that Dmitry makes.

24. Online Negativity

Her husband also protects her from various haters that can’t wait to leave all sorts of negative comments about Lukyanova. Unfortunately, she got used to insulting her. People accuse her of being a complete fake or say she’s too thin or stupid.

She commented on the online negativity in an interview, “I notice that the media is only interested in the negative. Show someone in a bad light; show someone’s mistakes.” But she doesn’t keep her mouth shut about what bothers her and she constantly addresses the ruthless media on her social media accounts.

25. Energy Vampire

Despite hearing all the negative comments must have surely put Lukyanova through some tough time, she says that, in the end, all those comments give her the attention she wants. That’s why she described herself as an “energy vampire”.

Nonetheless, she still feels hurt when people see her as a novelty rather than a human being, as she doesn’t want to be judged only by her appearance. But how does she react to the insulting comments? Sometimes she’s nice and tries to empower others with kindness, but at times she can also get quite nasty if someone touches a wrong topic.

26. Not Really Empathetic

Although she is often a target of haters, she still isn’t very empathetic towards other celebrities. In an online video she released in April 2017, she insulted at women she finds ugly and who don’t meet her beauty standards.

She insulted one celebrity in particular, none other than Sarah Jessica Parker. Despite the actress gained worldwide popularity and appreciation for her looks for her role in the Sex and the City, Lukyanova labeled her as a “lazy horse face” and even went so far to claim that her appearance is just a mirror of her “inner ugliness”.

27. Blatantly Racist

However, the insults towards celebrities aren’t the only shocking thing Human Barbie does. She also claims that she has Eastern Baltic or Nordic origins, which would be a completely normal thing to say until she said in a GQ interview that human beings are degenerating due to ethnicity mixing. In her belief, this is also the reason why people are using more plastic surgery in order to look beautiful.

The same interview also included her statements of how she doesn’t want children and that the mere thought of it revolts her. She even went so far and proclaimed that she’d rather endure a painful death than giving birth to a child.

28. Perfection Has No Limitations

Lukyanova is an advocate of the belief that “perfection has no limitations”. Following that philosophy, she likes to change things every now and then such as changing her birth date to 1991, and undergoing some complicated surgeries.

Finally, she admitted she has “enhanced her body surgically”, and it seems like she isn’t going to rule out more plastic surgeries in the future. It must be hard being so contradictory with oneself, so her multiple identities surely help her keep her mind in some sort of balance.

29. It Goes On

Despite believing she is beautiful and almost perfect and spending so much effort and money for her Barbie doll look, it seems that all of it still isn’t enough for this Ukrainian woman.

Recently, Lukyanova decided to buff up and work on her muscles. On her new photos, you can see that her biceps and abs are quite sculpted. It looks like bodybuilding became another of her hobbies. You can say what you want, but when Lukyanova gets her mind onto something, she definitely does everything to reach her goals.

30. Multiple Identities

Lukyanova is known for having multiple identities that she loves to switch between. Whenever she gets bored with one of her personas, she adopts another one and changes her look. All she needs is a bit of makeup and different career choices in order to completely transform from one identity to another.

It might be that her ability to switch identities also got her a role in a horror movie. She definitely has an eye for detail, but still, some are wondering if the director chose her for her appearance or was it really for her acting abilities?

31. Debut Role

Can you guess what was the name of the horror film Lukyanova starred in? “The Doll”. However, being a screaming movie, it isn’t about young girls that like to play with Barbie dolls.

The plot of the horror sci-fi movie revolves around an escort created from different doll parts that is instructed to kill men who order her services. Susannah O’Brien claims that Lukyanova got into her role very naturally. After starring in this movie, Lukyanova became even more popular.

32. Fan Base

Lukyanova’s fan base reached over 30 million views on YouTube and millions of followers on her social media profiles and those numbers keep only growing and growing. There are thousands of girls that look up to her and her beauty standards.

For some such as Anastasiya Shpagina, the admiration for Lukyanova is merely based on her makeup skills. On the other hand, others have taken things way beyond it and started following her entire lifestyle: the plastic surgery, the look, the behavior.

33. Barbie Almost Found Her Ken

In case it crossed your mind while reading this article, human Ken also exists and his name is Justin Jedlica. The American model admitted that he underwent over 200 surgeries in order to achieve his perfect Ken look.

At first, Jedlica said how Lukyanova was very attractive, but after a while, he changed his mind and called her a fake. What made him change his mind? Did the two meet before he insulted her?

34. Barbie Rejected Ken

Apparently, when the two met, Jedlica wanted to hug Lukyanova who didn’t feel like it and rejected him as she remained cold and kept her vacant expression. It turns out that the Ukrainian Barbie didn’t really like Justin at all and that she has no intention of hanging around him just because of his looks.

Then Ken stroke by saying how her beauty is just a result of good makeup and fake hair. He even said that her features were drag queen-like rather than “dollish”. He wasn’t impressed by the fact that Lukyanova denied having any surgeries despite it being quite evident. However, it turned out that the Barbie squad was multiplying and that he might find another Barbie to hang out with.

35. Human Barbie From Russia

The Barbie trend spread worldwide, but the second Human Barbie appeared from Lukyanova’s neighbor country – Russia. Angelica Kenova calls herself a living doll for her looks and because of the way she was raised. Her controlling parent dictated everything to her as if she was really a doll.

They chose what she would wear, eat, exercise, date and so on. They were obsessed with making sure their daughter beauty is well-maintained. However, Kenova has a lot of talents and loves doing ballet, modeling an is even a child psychologist. However, there are still more human Barbie stories interesting to hear about.

36. Lolita Richi

Yet another Ukrainian human Barbie is Lolita Richi, a 19-year-old from Kiev. She claims to have the same body figure as Barbie, despite never undergoing plastic surgery. She indeed has some insane bodily proportions that don’t seem natural at all.

And it looks like Lolita Richi believes she’s the one that nailed the Barbie image better than anyone else. She even said, “I haven’t even heard of Valeria Lukyanova.” But what’s different about this human doll is that she didn’t love playing with Barbies as a kid, and enjoyed playing outside with the boys.

37. Tatyana Tuzova

However, that’s not all the competition Lukyanova has today. A 31-year-old Tatyana Tuzova gained a lot of media attention as the new human Barbie. This Moscow-born human doll calls herself the “Russian Barbie” and loves wearing pink garments.

This Barbie is a big fan of Moscow’s nightlife and is often seen at parties around the Russian capital. She said that being a human Barbie makes her feel like a princess. Tuzova also added that she doesn’t like Ken at all and that she prefers men that are “big, strong and un-pampered”.

38. Andressa Damiani

Barbie trend transferred to the other side of the world too – to Brazil. Andressa Damiani, nicknamed the Brazilian Barbie, gained popularity because of her doll-like appearance and a sharp resemblance to Elsa from Frozen.

Many still don’t believe that she hasn’t had plastic surgery. However, Damiani is a little less extreme and loves to look like a regular girl as well. She loves to point out how anyone can be a Barbie doll just by creating their own look.

29. What Is Barbie Doing Now?

But what is Lukyanova doing today? Human Barbie changed her looks again and is now focusing on spreading her spiritual knowledge. She even owns her own brand of cosmetics that she claims help her maintain her beauty.

To prove how unpredictable this Ukrainian Barbie really is is the fact that she also collaborated in a new-age opera composition. Lukyanova is full of surprises and we can never know what is her next move.

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