The Incredible Story of the Real Human Barbie

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The way girls around the world played changed forever when Barbie was introduced. It happened on March 9, 1959, and the way this doll was built influenced and reshaped how a “perfect woman” should look like for decades to come. Her hourglass figure with an incredibly thin waist and perfect hips, flawless skin, and big, blue eyes quickly became synonyms of this worldwide famous doll.

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Most young girls just enjoy playing with Barbies and letting themselves lost in their fantasy worlds where anything can happen, however, others took the doll a bit too seriously. Some people like Valeria Lukyanova held onto ideals to such an extent that her transformation from a regular girl to a Human Barbie caught a lot of media attention that put this Ukrainian girl under the spotlight. But how far did she go? What motivated her to literally become a plastic doll that doesn’t even smile? Read on to find out.

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