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Hurricane Florence Hero Rescues 6 Abandoned Dogs Locked in Cages

Dangerous Hurricane Florence that struck East Coast with storms and floods, caused an immediate evacuation of its population located in the places covered by tropical storm warnings or watches. While people were encouraged to abandon their homes in order to minimize the risk of drowning, some of those who decided to leave, left their pets behind. Surprisingly, some of them even left their adorable animals locked in cages!

Many innocent animals were abandoned and were expecting the worst-case scenario with the threatening storm approaching. Luckily, numerous volunteers saved these poor creatures’ lives. Otherwise, they would have drowned in cages they have been left in.

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True heroes do really exist, and these footages prove it. Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas, one of the volunteer rescuers, saved the lives of these six dogs that were left alone in a cage. His bravery brought back our faith in humanity. These helpless creatures were desperately crying for help until they were unlocked.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the only animal rescue that occurred during alarming floods. There are more heroes out there trying to save the lives of those that love their owners unconditionally but happen to be cruelly abandoned by them when the danger arises. Dogs can swim, and by leaving them locked, their owners removed even the slightest chance of their survival.

Right after these six dogs were released, they swam out scared. Later, they were guided in the nearby safety area. Hopefully, there will be more heroes like Ryan Nichols, and fewer pet owners like those who left these innocent creatures to drown to death.

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