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Artist Hyuro Shares Her Personal Concerns Through These Monumental Murals

“If it disturbs you, it is art.” In the case of art, being disturbed is not necessarily a bad thing. Your peace may be disturbed a specific event that occurred or art that existed in your life. Or, if you are like Tamara Djurovic, it was being surrounded by art as a young child that ‘disturbed’ her.

In the country of Argentina, one particular type of art stands out, especially in the capital city of Buenos Aires. These pieces of visual art are called murals, large-scale paintings on the side of buildings, bridges or walls.

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Djurovic, who likes to go by the art name Hyuro, was fascinated with the murals she grew up around. The visual artist was inspired by the works in her hometown where she says culture surrounded public space.

“I’m not sure in which moment I started to love it, or if it was always there,” she said about her work. “I think I could have never imagined the strong impact that working on public spaces had on me.”

Hyuro has an interesting method of creating her art. First, she begins by considering her concerns and observations, rifles through reference material, and then creates a piece based on the interpretations of those observing her work. “I’m not interested in these subjects only from a representation perspective, but as well as a way to keep understanding and knowing myself and somehow try to understand, or digest better the world we live in.”

Like any artist, Tamara Djurovic is driven by the desire to finish her pieces and the euphoric satisfaction that comes after. “This last year I hardly spent time in the studio,” Hyuro said her schedule this year. The end of her 2018 work cycle was marked by the completion of a mural she did in Brazil.

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Hyuro seeks to draw attention to the things around us that we don’t notice often. And most artists often leave the true meaning of their painting up to individual interpretation.

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