30 Facts About ‘I Love Lucy’ That Will Make You Re-Watch The Show Today

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‘I Love Lucy’ premiered on October 15, 1951, and back then no one had a clue how massive and shocking this TV show would become. This TV show was shocking and loved for many things: Lucy was married to a foreign man, she was more than a regular housewife with her ”I can and will do’ attitude, and the main actresses was pregnant on the show. But wait! There was much more.

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‘I Love Lucy’ become one oft he TV’s most popular and beloved programs of all time. The show won a few awards along the way, stayed on the air for six seasons, and shaped the future of TV programming.

However, there are some facts that people had no idea about this all-American TV show that people loved even today. Read on and discover 30 facts about ‘I Love Lucy’ that you never heard of. (Check out page 6 to learn why Lucille and Arnaz divorced after 20 years)

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