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Fishermen Discover Something Unusual Sitting on a Lone Iceberg. When They Got Closer, They Were Stunned

Just offshore of Labrador region in Canada three fisherman navigated into the sea. This was a common route for them and they knew the area by heart. The three fisherman knew exactly how to navigate between icebergs, but this time when they were approaching the large icebergs, they saw something strange on one of them.

First they had no idea what it could be, but when they got closer it got clearer there was an alone living creature sitting atop of the iceberg. They couldn’t realize which animal it was, but when they figured it out, three fisherman knew they had to act immediately.

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1. Fishing Tradition

The three fisherman were actually three friends that loved spending their time fishing. Mallory Harrigan, Allan Russell, and Cliff Russell had bought a boat and decided to start their own fishing company in Labrador, Canada.

During the days when everything happened, it was really cold and the icebergs were more still in the cold waters. But the cold weather didn’t stop Mallory, Allan and Cliff to navigate to the waters. They knew their sea like the backs of their hand and they couldn’t wait to spend another day on their boat fishing.

2. Boat Business

Three friends decided that they should turn their passion into a business. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff loved the Canadian waters to that extent that they knew almost every existent species of fish and crab in the sea.

So they decided to buy a boat and start their own fishing business. They didn’t know what to expect, so they were hoping their deep knowledge of the seas would help their new career.

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3. Love For The Sea

The three fisherman knew the best fishing was always before the sunrise, so they usually started their days on the sea before the sun was up. Mostly, they would look for crabs, but at times they hauled local fish that they would sell to restaurants and local businesses.

Although these three friends didn’t have an enormous company with a lot of profit, they did quite well for their expectations. But money didn’t matter as they were lucky enough to love what they did.

4. Growing Business

There was nothing fishy about their fishing business. In fact, their small client list in the beginning grew into a successful and steady business. However, they kept on working hard and maintaining their determination.

They were surprised and proud at the same time because of the ease they entered the industry. Not only did they now have a long list of clients, but their business continued to grow. Three friends could only wonder why they haven’t started earlier.

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5. A True Friendship

The passion these three friends shared made an even stronger bond between them. They helped each other whenever needed. They almost never fought despite spending hours alongside each other on a daily basis.

Their friendship and dedication produced magical effects on their work and fish production. The fact they spent so much time together on a small boat didn’t bother them at all. Everything went smoothly thanks to their great communication and strong work ethics.

6. Long Hours In The Waters

Their day would start before sunrise and would last for hours. The more fish and crabs they found, the more money they earned. So they weren’t going home until they were satisfied with the daily results.

But soon they realized their passion was a part of their genes. Their ancestors were great traders and had fishing in their blood. So they understood that the call for fishing business was something they were meant to do. In the end, it was a job that made them truly happy.

7. Bruises And Scratches

But the fishing business the three friends had wasn’t all roses. After the fishing ended, they would be completely exhausted and you could see that on their bodies and faces.

The seas are not so friendly, especially during cold days, so the three friends would rarely get off the boat without getting new bumps, bruises or scratches. Minor injuries were a part of their job, but they soon got used to it.

8. Another Morning

Another day has arrived for the three friends to go to the waters. On this particular day, Mallory was more than excited to see what the sea held for them. She was first to be at the boat, and started getting things ready for yet another journey.

Allan and Cliff soon joined her, and began helping Mallory. Despite the biting weather, they couldn’t wait to navigate in to the seas and discover what would wait for them inside.

9. Checklist

But before heading into the sea, they had to go through a long checklist each morning. Imagine if they forgot a tool they needed, and that they would have to travel back to the port from the middle of the ocean? Not really exciting.

Better safe than sorry! Each morning, they went over the checklist twice. Once they would make sure everything was there and ready, they would start up the engine and take off for another day of fishing and crabbing.

10. Jokes And Stories

Despite knowing each other for a long time and spending hours and hours together each day, the three friends always had something else to talk about. Every new boat journey was an occasion to joke around and tell funny stories.

They rechecked if they had run through everything on the checklist when the sun showed over the horizon. It was the right time for them to leave before the sun got way too high in the sky.

11. Crab Spot

They started the boat and headed offshore of Labrador. Luckily for them the waters were calm this day, but it was quite cold. They went to their usual spot for crabbing where they always found most of them.

They found the perfect spot with the right water depth where the crabs kept coming back. They threw the cages in the water and waited for the crabs to get in.

12. Last Preparations

But even if they went through the checklist before going into the waters, they still had some other preparations to do. They turned off the motor, and got to work once again.

The things left for them to do were much smaller and easier than the ones they had to do in the port. They prepared the cages, tied them well with ropes and dropped them into the water. This was a routine job they were doing each day.

13. Crab Season

Now that the cages were ready they dropped them in the water until they reached the sea bed where the best crabs lived. They would drag the cages once they reached the bottom.

Although they had a great crabbing season this year, they hoped that they would hit the jackpot today. Three friends wanted to finish in a big way so they could celebrate their best year yet.

14. First Catch

The three friends knew what to do. Now that the cages reached the sea bed, they had to slowly drag them in order to catch crabs. One of them went to the wheel to slowly start moving the boat along, while the other two stayed to watch the cages.

They communicated through loud commands and would shout at each other minute after minute in order to do everything right. A couple of minutes later, they caught their first catch of the day that was now ready to be taken out of the water.

15. A Crab Jackpot

They pulled out the first cage up and couldn’t believe what they saw. Their first catch was so impressive and they caught so many crabs that they knew their day was going to be a very lucky one.

They wanted to finish this season with a jackpot, and it seemed that this dream of theirs came true. When they went through their first catch of crabs they couldn’t stop high fiving each other for quite some time. The cages were now ready to get back in the water.

16. One Of The Best Catches

It seemed that this day was particularly lucky for them. The catches Mallory, Allan and Cliff were excited about, were actually the best they’ve had for weeks.

But after they finished with their first crab spot, they were ready to go to another location a bit deeper into the water. In order to catch some more crabs, Mallory thought they should navigate about four miles from the shore.

17. Colder Sea

Now that they headed to the deeper waters, they were searching for their new crab spot. They didn’t know this area very well, as they wouldn’t often go there.

Mallory was looking through the binoculars in order to find the best location to head to. No matter how much they knew the sea, they had to be very careful now that they were entering a colder sea. They would see ice and snow on the surfaces.

18. Serene Nature

They were navigating towards a new location and were checking their coordinates every couple of minutes. Finally they saw that they had to travel another couple of miles before stopping.

They were miles away, and the facts that there were much fewer birds above them proved it. They even saw every now and then seals lying on the icebergs. The nature was really calm here and the three friends soaked in salt and sea.

19. Huge Icebergs

The Labrador Sea is known as one of the coldest ones. It is full with huge icebergs that were really dangerous for the sailors and fishermen. Mallory and her crew already knew this, and were looking out for them.

They had to watch for the icebergs as one wrong move could spell disaster. Luckily, they knew how to handle tricky waters and while one steered the boat, the other two would scan the surroundings.

20. Miles Away

They were navigating through the icebergs when Allan spotted something in the distance. He immediately pointed it out to Mallory and Cliff, but he couldn’t see what it was.

They saw something sitting on a small iceberg, and after some time of watching they supposed it was a lone seal that must have gotten away to enjoy some alone time.

21. Sun Bathing Animal

They continued their journey. The three friend were used to seeing animals sun bathing on one of the icebergs. It was a common behavior of many seals.

Last time they were here, they saw a lot of seals coming above the water to relax or eat. So they connected the dots about the little dot Allan spotted atop of an iceberg. Animals were the common part of the Labrador scenery and this must have been one of them.

22. Almost There

They all agreed that the little dot on the iceberg must have been a seal. It was the most logical answer, as they would see plenty of them on icebergs in the past. But something didn’t let Allan let this lone animal out of his sight.

He kept on observing it and finally took binoculars in order to see what was going on. The animal wasn’t moving like a seal would, but he still couldn’t explain what it was.

23. A Strange Creature

Allan had to share his thoughts with his friends, and told them he didn’t believe it was a lone seal. He was sure that it was another animal. But the way this animal moved made him sure that it couldn’t be a seal.

Mallory and Cliff took the binoculars themselves and observed what Allan was seeing moments ago. They all agreed now that it really wasn’t a seal. But still, the mystery of the animal wasn’t revealed.

24. Unusual Animal

Although they had to go back to fishing, they just couldn’t stop observing that mysterious animal from the distance. They were all very curious and wanted to find out what it was.

But it wasn’t only the animal itself that confused them, they were also wondering how could an animal end up in the middle of the open sea, on an iceberg, if it wasn’t a seal. Nothing seemed to make sense here.

25. More Ice

They were getting closer to the iceberg, but were still very far. The three friends still had to use binoculars in order to get a better grip on things. They wanted to sea the situation from a closer point so badly.

They were traveling towards it, but they had to be very careful because there were small chunks of ice scattered everywhere. Each block of ice could damage their boat and cause a disaster. There was a wind that was getting stronger too.

26. Near The Iceberg

As the wind got stronger, it got also much colder. The three friends were really cold but knew that the lone animal on the iceberg was freezing out there too. When they got closer, they saw this animal’s fur that seemed to be soaking wet.

It must have been so cold for this poor animal. But the three friends kept wondering how did the animal end up here stranded at sea. Their fishing trip turned into a investigation.

27. Close To The Iceberg

Now they could see the animal closer. Allan could see the animal going back and forth on the iceberg, he apparently told the truth when he said it wasn’t a seal. A seal couldn’t really move around in such a manner.

Now they got so close that they needed to go all the way to the iceberg and get a closer look. Mallory adjusted the coarse. They had to make sure not to knock into the ice.

28. Beyond Curious

They couldn’t wait to discover what was on that small iceberg. But they could only suspect how it got out there. The weather conditions started worsening.

They didn’t know if they should proceed with their investigation or return to fishing? But the friends decided that they had to make sure if the animal on the iceberg was in danger or a native of the icy seas.

29. Deep In The Sea

They were almost never this deep into the sea, and they weren’t really aware how the currents worked here. They didn’t want to travel against the waves so they surrendered to the water to bring them closer to the iceberg.

Luckily they moved slowly, but carefully. The managed to avoid larger chunks of ice that would damage their boat badly. If something like that happened they would have to jump into the icy water.

30. Small Movements

Mallory made it clear to her two friends to move very easily while on the boats. The bigger moves would move the boat much more than usual, so accidental falls into the sea would be much more probable.

The desk of the boat was also very slippery and they were in the constant movement. Three friends were getting more and more excited as they got closer to the iceberg.

31. Ice Danger

The wind was now so strong that it kept moving their boat slightly to the right towards the iceberg. Mallory had to be very careful to avoid hitting the ice.

Now the waves picked up and that wasn’t a good sign neither for the friend nor for the animal. The small iceberg was now moving in the water which wasn’t good for the animal on it.

32. Slowly Approaching

Three friends now worried that the poor animal was going to get scared and jump in the water. Or it would accidentally fall into it. Each of these options would turn out to be very stressful for the three fisherman.

Mallory was now even more cautious while moving towards the iceberg. She had to watch out for the entire icy situation and determine how to approach the iceberg at at least hundred feet of distance. This way they could see which animal it was and decide what to do.

33. Thinking Fast

But as they got closer, they started asking themselves: “If we make it to the iceberg, then what to we do next?”. They had to find a way how to get back home, as this was a completely new area for them.

In some areas ice would get really thick which meant that they couldn’t stay there for much longer. They had to get back home before dark.

34. A Race With The Iceberg

Now the iceberg the animal was on was moving very fast. Mallory decided to race with it and follow the iceberg. They had to be patient and wait until they reached it.

She adjusted the coarse of their boat and finally caught up to the iceberg. She could now see the animal clearly. Finally, they realized what was going on, and it wasn’t something they expected.

35. Soaking Wet Animal

It was a four-legged animal that was very similar to a small dog. But they somehow knew it couldn’t be someone’s lost dog. They continued to get closer to the iceberg. The three friends were now more curious than ever when they saw the poor animal staring back at them and following all of their movements.

Poor animal was soaking wet and was shivering with the cold wind. The three friends looked each other worried, but now they finally realized what they were looking at.

36. An Arctic Fox

What they found atop of this small iceberg was an Arctic Fox! The poor animal looked afraid as it drifted deeper into the sea. Now the friends had to figure out the best way to get there.

Above the fox’s head were a band of seagulls waiting for something bad to happen. Mallory, Allan and Cliff were aware that if they didn’t decide to discover what was on the iceberg, the poor animal would have died out there.

37. Thinking Fast

Mallory, Allan and Cliff knew they had to do something. Leaving the fox to struggle with this harsh weather wasn’t an option. But time was running out and they had to figure out a smart solution pretty fast.

The fox got also very scared when the three friends got closer. The poor thing probably had never encountered a human and now it didn’t know if they were dangerous or not.

38. Hesitant Fox

They didn’t know what to do. The scared fox didn’t want to approach them, and the wind wasn’t making keeping the boat on a safe distance any easier. They tried to call the fox by speaking in hushed tones and reaching out their hands.

But the fox was still very scared. Getting the fox come to them seemed like an impossible task to do, especially because Mallory was still trying to avoid the moving chunks of ice that kept on coming.

39. No Improvements

No matter how much they tried to persuade the fox to get on board, the fox wasn’t getting any closer. She was trying to run away but quickly reminded itself that it had nowhere to go.

Instead, the poor animal stared at them and continued to shiver. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff knew they had to do something and that there would be no sense if they left the animal on the iceberg to die.

40. Patience

The three friends had to find a way to make the fox trust them. Only that way would it decide to come on board. They tried to reach out to it by using food. But it didn’t work.

The worst thing they could do now is make the arctic fox frustrated. That would make her never approach them. So they had to be patient if they wanted to save the animal.

41. The Sudden Change

The three friends were getting desperate to find a way to make the fox get closer, but it seemed that the animal now changed course. The fox wasn’t backing away anymore and it was now looking at them in a less scared way. The fox looked like it was thinking what to do enxt.

After a couple of minutes, the fox decided to take one step closer towards the boat. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff could not believe what was happening!

42. Steady and Slowly

They had no idea what made the fox change its mind, but now it was slowly approaching the boat and it stood inches away from Allan’s hand. He reached out to it and tried to feed it with a few crackers.

The exhausted animal just sniffed at his hand but ignored the food. It sadly looked up to Allan as if it was asking him to carry it with them. Allan acted quickly, and seized the opportunity to grab the fox and place it on deck.

43. Threatened

But the fox was still very scared that it wasn’t letting anyone approach it. The two men tried to dry the animal and had towels in hand to keep it warm, but the fox kept backing away,

But they realized that they had to stop doing anything now. The fox would feel threatened and could try attacking them or jumping into the water. And they didn’t want none of these to happen.

44. Back To The Water

But then something happened that none of them saw coming. The fox got so scared that it jumped back into the water and was trying to swim back towards the iceberg.

The water was so freezing that none of them could jump in there. But, the fox was so tired that it couldn’t swim at the right pace and in the end Allan managed to scoop it up again and place it on the boat. This time, the fox went to the corner of a boat and decided to stay there.

45. Completely Exhausted

Now that the fox was on the boat, the friends decided that they wouldn’t let the animal escape again. So the two friends cornered it, but they knew the poor animal had no energy to start attacking or running away again.

They knew they had to wait for the fox to calm down before trying to approach it again. The animal was still really cold and shivering, but at least it wasn’t on the iceberg or in the freezing water.

46. On Its Feet

The fox got up to find a place to warm itself a bit. The fishermen were ready to act to any of its unexpected behavior, they wouldn’t let the animal escape again. So they kept on observing it.

The fox stood up and walked to the back of the boat and decided to lay among the ropes. It was clearly tired and had no intentions of harming them. However, they waited a bit more before approaching it.

47. Avoiding The Cold Shock

While all of this was happening, Mallory was trying to navigate back home. Although she wished she could have been there to witness everything at a closer distance, someone had to take care of getting back to the shore safely.

The two friends knew what to do and the first step now was making the fox comfortable. What they had to do was return the fox’s body temperature back to normal before it went into shock.

48. Helpless Animal

Once it laid there, the fox was not moving anymore. They could all notice that the poor animal was very weak and still trembling. Mallory felt sorry for the spent fox and thought it needed a warmer accomodation.

They realized they had a lot of sawdust collected at the bottom compartment they still haven’t cleaned. The fisherman could use it to fill some bedding and keep the fox warm. It wasn’t the ideal solution, but it was the best they could do.

49. Making a Bed

Allan and Cliff rushed to gather mounds of sawdust that they would soon turn into a bed for the tired fox. They also found a plastic bin they could use as a frame.

They hoped that the sawdust could somehow create a safe shelter for the freezing animal. They put the sawdust in the plastic bin and placed it in an sunny part of the boat.

50. Shallow Breaths

Now they had to be extra careful. Allan took the fox and gently placed it in its new bed. Soon, the animal relaxed enough and fell asleep. They were hoping that the animal will make it to come back to land.

The animal took shallow breaths and kept worrying the fishermen. They still hoped it was regaining back its strength and was only resting in the bin to recover from everything that happened.

51. 30 Minutes More

Now they got very close to the shore line. Only 30 minutes were apart from their feet touching the land again. Now Cliff took the wheel of the boat and turned the vessel around.

They realized the fox was close to death and it wouldn’t survive if they don’t get to the shore fast. The poor fox was sleeping for about 15 minutes, but the strong waves eventually woke it up.

52. A Surprise

Suddenly, the fox jolted its head and started looking around. The animal still had fear in its eyes, and it seemed that it had no more energy to fight for its survival.

The arctic fox kept on staring at them while being sat in the bin. Mallory thought they should try to feed it again, but only this time they could use the fish and crab they caught earlier that day.

53. Getting better

The fox didn’t seem to be interested in crab and fish Mallory tried feeding it. However, with time, it seemed that the fox was getting better. Little by little, the animal was slowly coming to life.

The fox seemed more comfortable with its surroundings and they all noticed it. But Mallory still wanted to try to feed the animal, so she took a tin of Vienna sausages and put it in a bowl with water.

54. Energy Boost

As soon as Mallory placed the bowl with Vienna sausages in the bin, the fox got very curious and started sniffing the bowl. Suddenly, the fox started nibbling the food.

The three friends were more than happy to see the fox coming back to life while it was focused on eating everything she had in her bowl. They just couldn’t stop looking at the poor animal that was finally eating something for the first time that day.

55. Getting Closer

Finally, after having a meal, the fox already looked better. It was still quite shy and stayed in the bin, but it wasn’t trembling anymore. Now, it seemed that the fox was much more comfortable with having the fishermen around.

Mallory and Allan knew that it wasn’t clever to pet the fox. Now that it got back a bit of strength, it could escape easily if scared off. So they just sat close by in case the fox tried to jump off again.

56. Getting Docked

Land was very near now, and the friends had to get ready to dock their boat. Once it had its sausage meal, the fox fell back to sleep, but got awake again after it heard the noises of docking the boat.

Now they had to get the fox out of the boat without any incidents. Mallory sat next to the bin and started speaking to the fox in a soft voice. Although the fox wouldn’t understand anything she was saying, it could feel her energy.

57. A New Home

Once they tied the boat to the dock and dropped anchor, the three friends had a discussion as to what to do with the fox now. It was recovering slowly, but it looked like it was out of imminent danger.

The fox was out of danger, but also, being a wild animal, it couldn’t stay with them. Suddenly, Mallory thought of a place that was close to the docks where the fox could be released.

58. Abandoned Dog House

10-minutes away from the dock there was a small abandoned dog house. It was close enough to the town, but still enough far to stay away from places crowded with humans and cars.

The three friends went together to look for the dog house. Cliff was carrying the fox carefully while searching for its new home. The animal was still sitting in the bin.

59. A New Home

Finally, the three friends found the old dog house in the bluffs. They placed the bin down a few feet away from the house and slowly walked away to let the fox explore freely her new surroundings. The arctic fox carefully walked out of the bin and shook itself just as a dog would.

Magically, the fox headed straight for the dog house and sat at the entrance as it looked towards them. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff were happier than ever that they decided to save the poor fox. They hoped that it will recover and be able to lead a long and healthy life.

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