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Invasion Of Electric Scooters Is Here: Are We Safe?

Electric scooter, popularly referred to as a motorized scooter or e-scooter, is a two-wheeled stand-up electrical device. It operates on a small combustion engine that powers it to move without human help.

Electric scooters move at a speed of 20 – 30 miles/hour on leveled ground. The invasion of electric scooters to the world was in 1985, and their number has drastically gone up around the globe.

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For instance, the UK government, through the Department of Transport, has categorized electric scooters as powered means of transport.

Therefore, it means you cannot ride on an electric scooter on public roads, pavement, or cycle paths without adhering to transport rules and regulations.

UK Regulations

According to the UK government transport rules and regulations, e-scooter owners must have license plates and insurance, pay tax, and wear protective headgears to ride on a public road.

However, the government is deliberating on changing these rules to suit the interest of everyone. Motorized scooters are available in more than 100 countries in the world. Among the countries that have allowed the use of e-scooters is European countries.

Advantages Of Electric Scooters

With e-scooters flooding the market, they come with a wide range of pros and cons, some of which are:

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1. Saves Money

These electric bikes are cheaper than vehicles, and they don’t rely on fuel or gas to move around. They also use rechargeable batteries. Scooter users save hugely since they would spend less than a dollar to cover a mile.

On the contrary, vehicle users spend huge costs on fuel and gas, which can go up to more than 1000 percent compared to scooter users.

Gas-powered vehicle users always spend much on maintenance and levies, unlike scooter users who spend nothing on gas and very little on licensing.

2. Saves Time

Are you thinking of a means of transport that will help you avoid traffic jams? An electric scooter is the best option.

These motorized scooters help you maneuver places where conventional vehicles cannot go through. The sizes of e-scooters allow you to park in small spaces that a standard car cannot fit.

Riding on e-scooters is essential if you want to save time on traffic and get to your destinations without spending much.

3. Keeps You Fit And Healthy

E-scooter users probably the happiest and healthiest people in the community. To stay fit and active, users can choose from a different mode of operations. You can go to the peddle-mode, power-mode, or use both when riding an e-scooter.

If you want to lose weight and do some exercise, then an electric scooter is perfectly designed just for that. The beauty of it comes when you get tired, and you don’t want to sweat, then you switch, and you ready to go.

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Disadvantages Of Electric Scooters

Despite being the best mode of transport with many advantages, e-scooters also have its share of drawbacks, including:

1. Durable Battery Life

An e-scooter owner enjoys the ride until when the battery goes off. Despite having free lead-acid maintenance, which the dealer seals on the purchase, the battery has a limited life. This means, at some point in using the electric scooter, the owner will be forced to replace the battery.

Most e-scooter batteries last for a year or two at maximum.

Scooter batteries are highly expensive since the device uses lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries, which could work well with the e-scooters and are cost-effective are also limited in the market.

2. Service, Repair And mMaintenance cost

When you buy an e-scooter, ensure that you have the contact details of the dealer because they should only be serviced, repaired, or maintained by a professional.

Most mechanics don’t know how to handle the motorized scooters, so you should be careful with who repairs as well as where it is serviced.

If you get stuck at night or during a holiday and you are far from home, you will have a story to tell as the scooter is heavy, and a specialized mechanic might not be available at the moment since they are not many.


The invasion of e-scooters to the market has made it easy for most people to commute.

Despite the challenges, e-scooters are helping a vast number of the population who cannot afford a car and commute to various places daily.

These motorized scooters are undoubtedly the ideal mode transport due to the convenience and time-saving features, as well as the fact they are eco-friendly.

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