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Starting From Year 2020 Travelling To Space At A Price Of $55 Million Dollars Could Be Possible

Commercial space travel is not yet a thing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to theorize ways to do it. With the ISS (International Space Station) restricted to private travel among a select few, it’s only natural that someone would draft a plan for allowing regular people a chance to live in space.

Do you want to be an astronaut and have $55 million dollars just laying around waiting to be used? For that hefty price tag, you will get the genuine experience of training to live on the ISS for a length of ten days.

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Because the ISS is slated for official retirement in 2025, Axiom Space has been contracted to manufacture the next station that will be used to replace it. They have teamed up with travel firm Roman and Erica Inc. to offer this rare opportunity to visit the stars.

Ran by former NASA ISS Director Mike Suffredini, the program is expected to begin in 2020.

You’ll get a round-trip ride on none other than a SpaceX rocket and stay in a luxurious habitation module with a wonderful view of the planet Earth.

It may sound easy enough to just pay money, but you’ll have to go through a 15-week program over two years that teaches vital skills such as launch/landing procedures, systems operations, bathroom usage and of course, basic safety training. All of it will be guided by real astronauts who’ve had the same training.

The co-founder of the travel firm, Roman Chiporukha, was quite ecstatic about the program.

“Our clients will be the travel pioneers of this generation…this unexplored terrain holds infinite possibilities for the consumer to experience.”

$55 million might seem like a lot, but when you consider the cost of sending anything into space, it seems worth the price.
If you had the money to do it, would you?

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