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James Bond Actors In Chronological Order

No matter what generation you are from, it’s a guarantee that you’ve heard either the name James Bond or number designation ‘007.’ While the storyline of each incarnation was more or less the same, each actor could only play the MI-6 agent for so long before having to ‘hang up’ their guns and pressed a suit.
Here is a list of the eight actors that played James Bond:

1. Barry Nelson

Born on April 16th, 1987 in San Francisco, California, as Robert Haakon Nielsen, the man was the first-ever actor to play James Bond. This was a full 8 years before actor Sean Connery took up the mantle.

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Nelson played the iconic spy in only one movie titled ‘Climax! Series: Casino Royale. The movie released in 1954, when the first Bond actor was about 37 years old.

The producer, Gregory Ratoff, was able to gain the rights for a movie from author Ian Fleming for $1000. By today’s standards, the rights to the bond character are likely to cost millions.

2. David Niven

Second in line to take on the moniker of Agent: 007 was actor David Niven. He was born on March 1, 1910, in London, England as James David Graham Niven. Before beginning his career in acting, Niven was enlisted in the army during World War II, became a member of the ‘Commandos’ and was an actor in films produced by the Army Film Unit.

Also named Casino Royale, Niven’s movie released in 1967 when he was 57 years old.

Co-stars included Peter Sellers and Woody Allen.

3. Sean Connery

Born Thomas Sean Connery on August 25th, 1930 in Fountainbridge, Scotland, Sean Connery actually wore toupees in every one of the 007 movies he acted in. His first appearance as James Bond was in the movie Dr. No, which released in 1962.

Connery made about $100,000 in salary with the release of his first movie. The highest-grossing movie he starred in was his seventh and final: James Bond: Never Say Never Again.

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From Russia with Love, the second movie in the Connery iteration, saw the actor get eight special Saville Row suits, each with a $2000 price tag.

4. George Lazenby

George Robert Lazenby, born on September 5th, 1939 had starred in only one movie as the super-spy known as Bond. On Her Majesty’s Service released in 1969, after Connery’s You Only Live Twice and before Diamonds are Forever.

In Lazenby’s final scene, the actor sheds tears when he witnesses the death of the character Tracy. Peter R. Hunt, the director made the cast reshoot the scene because, according to Hunt “Bond does not cry.”

5. Roger Moore

Born Roger George Moore on October 14, 1927, in Stockwell, UK, the actor starred in at least seven different bond movies that were chronologically connected. And remember the famous “shaken, not stirred” phrase so popular to the series? Not once did Roger Moore’s Bond ever utter those words.
Live and Let Die, Moore’s first appearance as Bond, released in 1973 when the actor was 46 years old. His first movie earned him $1,000,000 and his last earned him $7,500,000.

6. Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton, born on March 21st, 1946 was the sixth actor to take on MI-6’s greatest fictional member. His first movie, The Living Daylights, was released in 1987. Internationally, it was known by a different name such as “Spies Die at Dawn” (Denmark), “His Name is Danger” (Chile), “Breeze of Death” (West Germany), and “007 In the Dangerous Zone” (Hebrew).

Dalton starred in only one other movie, License to Kill, which released in 1989. Out of all the bond movies in existence, it was the least successful in the United States. Many people, director John Glen included, love the movie for its realism.

7. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brendan Brosnan, born on May 16th, 1953, was the James Bond of my generation. Goldeneye, Brosnan’s first movie appearance as 007, was first released in 1995 when the actor was 42 years old.

During the making of Tomorrow Never Dies, the second film in Brosnan’s career as Bond, more than 10 luxury series BMWs were obliterated for filming.

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8. Daniel Craig

Born Daniel Wroughton Craig on March 2nd, 1968, the actor is the most recent, and as far as we know, the final actor for the super-spy franchise. Craig first appeared as Bond in Casino Royale, which released in 2006.

He most recently starred in Spectre which earned him a salary of $39,000,000.

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