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Jason Silva Explains Mystery Of Life To A Baby Girl And Her Reaction Is Adorable

When someone hears the word ‘baby,’ what we think about usually doesn’t go past feeding them, changing them, and putting them to sleep. These are essential to a baby’s well-being, but have you ever thought about what they are thinking? Do you remember anything from when you were an infant exploring the world?

Venezuelan-American YouTuber, Jason Luis Silva (age 36) is a filmmaker, television personality, and public speaker absolute fascinated with the miracle we call ‘life.’ He creates thought-provoking material that gives viewers reasons to be curious about life. Some have called his video series awe-inspiring.

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Seeking to study the evolution of intelligence, it should come as no surprise that Silva would speak to a baby like he would to another adult. In one of his videos from the ‘Shock and Awe with Justin Silva’ YouTube page, the man contemplates the nature of life in a conversation with an infant.

While many may think the baby doesn’t understand, it’s hard to believe when you see her face. The child listens intently compares the miracle to live to a simple piece of software evolving into a living, organic being. Looking into the child’s eyes as the conversation goes on, one begins to wonder if the baby understood Justin Silva’s words better than they did.

Whatever your perspective on how life began, we can all agree it is indeed a miracle. The filmmaker makes tell the baby something interesting about their eyes that is very thought-provoking: “Looking into your eyes actually feels like looking into a galaxy.”

As adults, it is hard to feel the wonder we once did as a child. There is indeed an entire galaxy of things to experience for any child starting out in life.

Remember that the more adult you speak to your child, the greater the chance of them learning faster. In no time, you’ll be able to have full conversations with your kids well before they enter high school.

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