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John Travolta Just Finally Admitted What Was Long Suspected

John Travolta sure had a long way to go since his appearance in Grease until today. Being in the showbiz from the early ’70s, he is today one of the most talented actors in the business.

Nevertheless, Travolta has sure lead a life with quite a lot of secrets and mysterious events. For decades, a lot of rumors about his personal life were intriguing people’s curiosity, and finally, he has decided to open up about it all. So let’s start!

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1. Early Beginnings

John Travolta first dipped his toe into the world of showbiz in the early ’70s, and since then, he has become a household name.

And while the A-list actor’s personal life has been full of ups and downs, that hasn’t stopped him from speaking out about his time off-camera – by opening up about his only daughter, for instance.

2. High School Dropout

Well before Travolta shot to fame, however, he spent the majority of his childhood growing up in New Jersey. There, along with his five older siblings, the future actor lived with his parents – both of whom had enjoyed a taste of life in the limelight.

However, after dropping out of high school, Travolta headed instead to the bright lights of New York.

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3. Big Break in The Big Apple

And in the Big Apple, the young performer managed to score a role in the stage musical Grease. Travolta would later go on to star in the successful film adaptation of the show, giving him one of his most notable roles to date.

Prior to that, though, the actor got his big break in 1975 when he hit screens in the TV comedy Welcome Back, Kotter.

4. A Star Is Born

Then, in the years that followed, Travolta’s career went from strength to strength, with notable roles in films such as The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

The superstar’s personal life appeared to be hotting up, too, as during shooting for the aforementioned movie Travolta met Diana Hyland, and the two would then begin dating.

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5. Tragic Love

And despite their almost 20-year age gap, the couple appeared to be happy. Just seven months into the relationship, though, disaster struck.

In 1977 Hyland was diagnosed with breast cancer and, tragically, she would pass away that same year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Travolta was reported to have been devastated by her death.

6. Years of Depression

According to the press, Travolta went into hiding after Hyland’s passing. And in the years that followed, the actor’s movies would bomb, too, leaving his career in the doldrums.

The tide seemed to turn in 1989, however, when he starred in the hit romantic comedy Look Who’s Talking. And Travolta’s personal life improved as well, as he would meet his future wife, Kelly Preston, in that year.

7. New Romance on The Way

Travolta and Preston had first encountered each other on the set of The Experts, and a romance soon blossomed. Indeed, just two years after meeting, they tied the knot. The couple’s marriage got off to somewhat of a bumpy start, however.

The pair had wed on September 5, 1991, at an idyllic setting in Paris; in the end, though, the ceremony, which had been carried out by a Scientology minister, was subsequently deemed invalid. As a result, then, Travolta and Preston had their second wedding a week later – and, fortunately, this time it was official.

8. Haunting Past

Meanwhile, Preston had faced her own trials and tribulations before getting spliced to Travolta. The actress had been married before, in fact, but Preston and her then-husband Kevin Gage ultimately got divorced in 1987.

Then, shortly afterwards, she became engaged to Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen – that is, until Preston somehow suffered a gunshot wound from Sheen’s firearm.

9. Happy Family

Still, Preston and Travolta have now been married for almost 30 years, and the couple have had three children together too.

Indeed, just a year after their wedding, Travolta and Preston welcomed their first son, Jett, who was then followed by Ella Bleu in 2000 and Benjamin in 2010.

10. Unpredictable Disease

However, shortly after Jett’s arrival, Travolta and Preston were dealt a blow, as their son was diagnosed with a very rare illness known as Kawasaki disease.

This ailment causes the inflammation of blood vessels and, in some extreme cases, can even prove to be fatal. To make matters more complicated, the young boy also had autism and suffered from seizures too.

11. Last Moments of Joy

But the couple didn’t seem to let their son’s health issues impact their family life too much. Indeed, the young boy was encouraged to embrace his love of the outdoors.

And the Travoltas enjoyed vacations abroad as well, including to the Bahamas. Still, according to reports, Travolta piloted the flights himself in order to ensure the safety of his loved ones.

12. A Tragic End to The New Year’s Family Trip

Sadly, though, it was while the Travoltas were sunning themselves on vacation in the Bahamas that they suffered the ultimate tragedy.

The family had traveled to the holiday destination to celebrate New Year, but events would take a tragic turn during the trip – and Jett would eventually pass away.

13. Devastated Family

The young boy had suffered a seizure that had caused him to fall and hit his head on the edge of a bath. Heartbreakingly, Jett died as a result of the injuries he sustained, leaving his family devastated.

And to make matters worse, in the months that followed, reports emerged questioning the circumstances surrounding Jett’s death.

14. Extortion Victim

What’s more, a high-profile legal case began after Travolta alleged that he was a victim of extortion. Two men, including a paramedic who had arrived on scene to help the actor’s son, reportedly demanded $25 million from the star.

They apparently claimed that in exchange for the money, they would hand over a legal document that Travolta had allegedly signed regarding his son’s treatment.

15. Rays Of Light After The Painful Loss

Ultimately, though, the charges were dropped, even if this presumably did little to help the family process their grief. But the arrival of Benjamin a year after Jett’s death seemed to help the family’s wounds heal somewhat.

The actor told Good Morning America in 2016, “Having little Benjamin has been a beautiful kind of glue for us to re-bond after a tremendous loss.”

16. Scientology Support

Travolta also credits the Church of Scientology for helping him come to terms with the passing of his eldest son. The actor revealed in 2014, “I will forever be grateful to Scientology for supporting me for two years solid.”

However, some people have claimed that the religion actually prevented Jett from receiving the appropriate treatment, as the church apparently does not recognize some of the medical issues with which the teenager had suffered.

17. His Children’s Guardian

And given Travolta’s loss, it is of little surprise that he seems so protective of his other two children. Still, in recent years, the Grease star appears to have opened up a little more about his family.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

While the doting dad was attending the 2017 SAG Awards, for instance, he made a heartwarming revelation about his daughter.

18. Acting Genes

At the event, Travolta gushed about Ella Bleu. “[She] is fabulous,” the actor told James News. The star even went on to reveal that he’d love for her to follow in her famous father’s footsteps.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

And it appears that the young girl has indeed inherited her dad’s love of acting.

19. Proud Dad

“She’s such a good performer,” Travolta continued. “I want her to pursue acting.”

So, perhaps one day we may see more of the young actress on the big screen. Ella Bleu has already started her film career, in fact, having appeared alongside her dad in 2009’s Old Dogs.

20. Protective Father

But for now, it would seem that Travolta is happy with the role of protective father. How protective?

Well, during a 2016 appearance on Ellen, the actor said, “I never want my children to leave the house, ever.” And we’re not surprised, too, with all the heartbreak and loss that the Travolta household has suffered over the years.

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