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Johnny Depp’s Favorite Songs

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Johnny Depp is familiar for its acting career and superb acting roles that are usually high demanding and at least impressive. Do you remember Captain Jack Sparrow or Edward the Scissorhands?

Just imagine how much time did it take for him to prepare for those roles, how many hours he spends practicing to deliver us those fantastic characters.

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It seems that he is equally charming and authentic both on and off-screen. But what is probably less known is the fact that Johnny is a passionate music lover. He just loves music a lot. Almost anything from Bob Dylan to Sex and Pistols – what a wideness.

But, this famous actor, said something about music in 1988 that is quite memorable – ‘Jesus, music has always been my first love. I use music in my work because it’s the fastest way to an emotional place. You hear a song, and that memory comes right back you’re there’. Well, we can’t disagree on that one, Johnny.

He always points out that making music is private, and therefore its all about you. He is passionate guitar lover also. Johnny loves creating something intense and using the strings to express his feelings. Actually, Johnny is also quite a good guitarist.

Depp build-up his guitar playing skills over the years. He had also a role in a music band and he loved that experience, being on a road trip and playing. He always points out that he just loved, and still loves, being around the music.

Depp still talks about music being his true and forever love, ever since he was a kid. Check out top 5 Johnny’s favorite music bands.

Johnny Depp’s Favorite Music

1. Bob Dylan

2. Marilyn Mason

3. Chuck E. Weiss

4. The Rolling Stones

5. Lemonheads

Johnny Depp’s Favorite Songs

1. “Seasons of Wither” by Aerosmith

2. “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan

3. “Joey” by Concrete Blonde

4. “It’s a Shame About Ray” by The Lemonheads

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