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Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov Decided To Split Up And The Reason Is Heartbreaking

Jonathan and Drew Scott are indeed one of the most famous illusionists in the world. But, it seems that one of them was also pretty good at creating illusions in his private life too. The two popular brothers were both happily in love only until Jonathan and Jacinta Kuznetsov announced they were no longer an item in April of 2018.

As if the separation of this cute couple wasn’t bad enough, hearing about the reason behind their break up tore our hearts apart. You wouldn’t believe that the thing that made them say goodbye could go that far into Jonathan’s long forgotten past. Discover the heartbreaking reason that separated this cute couple forever.

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1. Meet The Scotts

Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov seemed like a match made in heaven. Not only did they look really good hand-in-hand; they also built a strong and successful partnership both personally and professionally. However, just as their fans were hoping to hear wedding bells chiming, news broke on Scott and Kuznetsov’s heartbreaking decision.

At first, it wasn’t quite clear why the perfect pair decided to call it quits, but it turns out that some details about Scott’s past and childhood might be the answer to this devilish conundrum. So, to find out why Scott and Kuznetsov went from a favorite celebrity couple to nothing at all, read on.

2. Making Magic

Many moons before they were TV superstars and reached international superstardom, identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott were living on a horse farm in a home of creative minds just outside of Vancouver, Canada. Their father was a Scottish immigrant, and they also had an older brother named J.D. Even when he was a kid, John showed strong stage presence and personality.

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Source: HGTV

Already when they were seven, his dad encouraged his boys to get a job. John and Drew took on their new assignment, starting off as child clowns. But while they enjoyed performing, they grew tired of the makeup. Enthralled by magic shows that he had seen, John took his first steps towards fame working as an amateur magician, finding various ways to entertain his audiences with illusions. What’s more, long before little John Ian Scott decided to change his name to Jonathan, the signs were already there. But he could never have known how far he was about to go.

3. Card Dealer

At first, John Scott thought he could make a career out of performing magic tricks, or, if not that, then perhaps something else within the field of entertainment. As the saying goes, he had been bitten by the bug. He took on a new stage name: Jonathan Silver.

Source: Instagram

But he hesitated. There was a certain aspect of the entertainment business that gave him pause. If he chose this path, then there existed a very real possibility of just turning into a ‘starving artist’. So he took his career on a very different turn.

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4. Prepared For Success

Jonathan and Drew’s dad had prepared them well around the house, having them repair various things. When Jonathan was 14, he got the prep course of a lifetime, when he and his father moved to Alberta, Canada to undertake an incredible project: building a dream home for his parents!

Source: Pinterest

Completing this project would be a formative experience for Jonathan. For now, any aspirations in the entertainment business would have to be put on hold. His future career had been born. But he would have to take a big step.

5. In It Together

Some twins tire of living in the shadow of their other. But not Jonathan and Drew. Their mutual interests in real estate led them down an identical path. Rather than competing, they were going to forge their future hand in hand.

The Scott twins enrolled in college at the University of Calgary in order to pursue a degree in business management and further a blossoming career in real estate. And they did something one might never expect from a pair of college freshmen.

6. Students On A Mission

Rather than getting carried away with partying, these freshmen focused on the bigger picture. They took a down payment and bought their very first property, right across the street from school. It gave them an awesome opportunity to sublet, repair, tear things down — to do whatever they wished.

Source: IMDB

After a year of experimenting with their property, Jonathan and Drew sold it for a healthy sum of $50,000. They were on the steady path to success. But Jonathan had no idea what fame he would achieve — nor the romance and heartache to go with it.

7. An Empire Is Born

For the next decade, Drew and Jonathan Scott set the stage to build a successful business empire. They built up their real estate ambitions, founding their own company called Scott Real Estate. The industry took Jonathan back and forth between Canada and Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

Source: Instagram

Despite his growing business, being in Las Vegas naturally brought back memories of being a magician, reminding Jonathan how much he loved being a performer. Would they ever be able to realize their childhood dream of being actors and entertaining audiences?

8. Show Time

All the years of hard effort finally came to an amazing breakthrough. Television producers caught wind of this handsome, funny real estate duo. How could they resist giving these charming twins their own dose of some well-deserved screen time? Property Brothers began!

On the show, Drew and Jonathan Scott help people take properties and develop them into their dream home, taking each client’s budget constraints into account. Finally, audiences got to learn who the Scott twins were. They had to strap in though. Their career was about to rocket off.

9. Instantly Recognizable

Property Brothers was truly the perfect vehicle for the Scott brothers, the way to unite their love of performing with their passion for real estate. Jonathan and Drew became household names, and gained an army of millions of fans. They acquired their own production company — and TV wasn’t the limit.

Source: HGTV

They branched off into radio, books, music, acting, and more. The brothers accomplished season after season in both Canada and the US. But as spin-offs piled up and they added more and more TV shows to their résumé, something huge was missing.

10. Single Brother

His smiling face was splashed across millions of television screens and magazine covers. Jonathan Scott was a handsome, successful, popular guy with a personality of gold. But most intriguing of all, he was still an eligible bachelor. And that fact stood out.

The question on many viewers’ minds was: shouldn’t it be logical that he’d already have a significant other? Whoever the lucky lady would be, she was practically guaranteed a place in the public eye. But where would he find the queen of his heart?

11. Jonathan At The Ball

As fate would have it, it all started at a charity event in the fall of 2015. Being at the event itself was a pleasure, but Jonathan suddenly became helplessly distracted. He had spied an unbelievably beautiful blonde across the room.

Source: Instagram

Was it love at first sight? Whatever Jonathan felt, he was undeniably smitten. What’s more, he liked the fact that he saw her at that charity event, as he automatically knew that she too was concerned about human and animal rights. But how did he break the ice?

12. Finding Cinderella

Unfortunately, it just didn’t seem to be the right moment. As it would happen, they didn’t manage to actually meet up at that occasion. Jonathan had to know more about this Cinderella who’d left his head spinning with fairy tales.

Source: Instagram

He had learned that her name was Jacinta Kuznetsov, but unlike the fabled princess, she hadn’t left a glass slipper. So instead, he followed the bread crumbs to her Instagram account. What would he say in order to make the first move?

13. Deliberation

Hitting up a sophisticated lady over social media wasn’t Jonathan Scott’s method of choice. Generally speaking, it wasn’t the way that someone of his standing found dates. But what more could he do with such little information? He couldn’t get her out of his head.

Source: Pinterest

It took a lot of time for Jonathan to build up the courage to reach out. Months passed by, and all he could do was look at her Instagram longingly. But he finally summoned the gall to ask Jacinta out. How would she respond?

14. Failure To Launch

To his joy, Jacinta said yes! They made plans and went out for a first date. Jonathan was very excited, super keen on getting to know the key details about this mysterious lovely woman. But unfortunately, it did not go according to plan; quite the opposite.

Source: Instagram

Jonathan had peppered her with questions, wanted to get the scoop on who she was before delving into deeper topics. It backfired. She grew exasperated, and told him he asked “the worst questions!” He was instantly taken aback. It seemed doomed.

15. Second Thoughts

But it was far from the end. For months, Jonathan Scott had hoped to find the opportunity to go out with Jacinta, and even if it had blown up in his face, he wasn’t about to give up. He had to think on his feet.

Jonathan acted quickly. Once he realized just how little she was into him, he apologized, ended things early, and boldly asked for a “do-over” — perhaps even the next night! TV star or not, things didn’t look good for him in that moment. What would she say?

16. Take Two

To Jonathan’s surprise and relief, Jacinta offered him another chance — if he’d make sure to stop bombarding her with those probing questions. She herself agreed that perhaps she had been a bit hasty laying on so much sass, and vowed to curb it.

Source: Instagram

Source: [/caption]

Many women would have called it quits then and there. But Jacinta couldn’t have been more right to give Jonathan that generous opportunity. He did a lot of thinking in between and came back ready to show her his true self. Their second date went great! But would it last?

17. Life At The Top

A second date became a third date, and then another and another, and before he knew it, Jonathan Scott was in the relationship of his dreams. He couldn’t have been more fortunate. He and his brother Drew had a full television enterprise, and now he had an amazing girlfriend.

Source: Instagram

Jonathan and Jacinta took things slow at first, just enjoying the pleasure of getting to know one another from scratch. They kept things under wraps, which was very hard to do for someone of his esteem. But eventually the cat was too big to stay in the bag!

18. It’s Official

The new hottest power couple, Jacinta Kuznetsov and Jonathan Scott, revealed to the world that they were official. Television’s most coveted bachelor was taken! The happy pair took to sharing their news online, swapping Instagram posts — and it took social media by storm.

Source: Instagram

Fans couldn’t get enough of this beautiful duo. They were truly like a fairy tale come to life, and everyone was glad to see that their favorite television personality had found joy in this part of his life too. And things were about to take an exciting new turn.

19. Welcome Aboard

It was only a matter of time before television’s favorite real estate bro welcomed his new significant other onto the small screen. Sure enough, Jacinta Kuznetsov joined Property Brothers, making recurring appearances. Their relationship was big enough that audiences practically begged for it. And there was another twist.

Source: Instagram

Drew Scott had a wonderful girlfriend now too, named Linda Phan, and she also began to make appearances on Property Brothers. Everyone was on cloud nine, and it showed. Jonathan and Drew were both positively glowing. But then, something peculiar happened.

20. Tropical Fantasy

In December 2016, Jonathan Scott took his sweetheart Jacinta Kuznetsov on a romantic getaway to Maui. As they enjoyed the respite from a cold Canadian winter, fans began burning with speculation. It was the perfect place to ask her to marry him!

Source: Twitter

Even if the pair of lovebirds had barely been together for two years, they seemed absolutely meant for each other. As fans saw the Instagram pics the pair were uploading of their tropical getaway, they expected to hear big news.

21. Wishes For The Future

Even though a celebratory Christmas getaway in the Hawaiian Islands would have been the picture-perfect place to pop the question, Jacinta returned from Maui ’empty-fingered’! It was puzzling. Their throngs of fans could only shrug and wonder what was next.

Source: Instagram

All signs continued to point to “yes”; in a People magazine interview in August 2017, Jonathan Scott remarked that they definitely wanted to get married and have children. Sure, they had only been together a short while, but what was taking “so long”?

22. Conflicting Messages

Apparently, the couple’s goals together continued to ebb and flow. Jonathan went on the record editing his previous remarks about marriage. A few months after the People interview, he backpedaled, saying that he and Jacinta wanted to take things slowly.

Source: Instagram

He was sure to point out that they had been dating for a comparatively short period of time. The mixed messages coming from Jonathan only served to foster more rumors about the couple. Had something gone on that everyone was unaware of?

23. Four’s Company

Wonderful developments were happening behind the scenes of Property Brothers. Drew Scott got engaged to his long-term girlfriend Linda Phan. Rather than getting their own place, Linda had come to live with Drew and Jonathan in the same house in Vegas.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

But there was another piece to this highly unusual situation. Jacinta Kuznetsov joined them too and moved in! It was a rare and funny scenario: two couples of two brothers, under the same roof! Now that Drew was hearing wedding bells, was Jonathan next in line?

24. A Sudden Bombshell

Nobody foresaw it coming. In early April 2018, a simple Instagram post shook the Internet. Jonathan Scott posted a picture of he and Jacinta Kuznetsov playing with baby elephants. With it came a message announcing out of nowhere that the two were calling it quits!

Source: Instagram

He included along with his post a delicately-worded statement. In it, Jonathan assured everyone that there was nothing negative about the decision, and both parties had done so amicably. Yet it was so abrupt. Viewers were left reeling. What was Jacinta’s reaction?

25. Jacinta’s Response

Jacinta reposted what Jonathan had written. Both of them spoke with such grace and lack of animosity. It was nothing short of astounding, if not refreshing. Rarely had two high-profile names parted ways so cleanly and so publicly.

Source: Instagram

Jonathan said that the two of them would go on to be friends no matter what, and both of them had beautiful things to say as they reflected back on the life they had built together. So what on Earth had happened?

26. First Wife

Jonathan Scott had a skeleton in his closet, albeit one that he hadn’t necessarily kept hidden. Jacinta knew about this part of his life, but many fans did not. It was a piece of his past that he preferred not to dwell on.

Source: Instagram

Jonathan had been married before. He had met his wife, Kelsy Ully, when the two had worked for WestJet. They had dated for five years, and were married for two — and it had ended badly. Could this have still preyed on Jonathan’s mind?

27. Shifting Tides

Jonathan and Jacinta had packed their bags and moved out of the shared house, relocating to Toronto together. This meant that Drew and Linda stayed behind in Las Vegas. It may seem insignificant and even natural, but it meant a lot.

Source: Twitter

Even if Jacinta was the love of his life, Drew had always been his partner through thick and thin. Being away from his brother Drew, when they had lived and worked in such close proximity for so long, must have put a huge strain on Jonathan. What about Jacinta though?

28. Overexposure

To build her relationship with one of television’s most celebrated real estate personalities, Jacinta Kuznetsov had needed to surrender a big portion of her personal life. It’s a distinct possibility that living, loving, and working together in a very public way was too much for her.

Source: Twitter

She had even quit her old job in the first place in order to come work for the Scott brothers as a part of the production for their show. While details remain murky, maybe Jacinta just couldn’t mix work and pleasure?

29. Bittersweet Symphony

Barely a month after he and Jacinta had broken up, Jonathan Scott stood by his brother Drew’s side as he married Linda in a gorgeous wedding in Italy. Emotions were still raw. Jonathan cried during his best man speech, remarking that he had “not been so fortunate in love.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Despite that, he was overcome with pure joy. Being there had an unexpected benefit for him. Seeing the love between his twin brother Drew and his new sister-in-law Linda gave Jonathan hope for his own future. And there was a happy twist.

30. Towards The Future

If it was a shocking breakup, then the aftermath is equally amazing. Jacinta Kuznetsov and Jonathan Scott are friends, and that’s a very good thing, especially considering that they are still co-workers! She works on the production team at Scott Brothers Entertainment.

Source: Instagram

Theirs is a rare and refreshing example of two celebrities amicably breaking up and maintaining their maturity. Whatever the circumstances, it seems that everything has worked out for the best for these two. And above all else, who knows what the future may yet hold?

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