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186-Years-Old Jonathan The Tortoise Is The Oldest Living Creature On Earth

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There are not a lot of animals known for their longevity, but the ones that are can live to be hundreds of years old. Jonathan the Tortoise is one such creature, and you wouldn’t believe how old this guy is. Even the people who take care of him aren’t sure how old he is.

The first picture of Jonathan was taken sometime in 1902, only about a decade before World War I. This hefty fellow was around to see both world wars, the civil rights movement in the United States, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Despite the history he lived through, Jonathan was more concerned with living the chill life of a tortoise.

The most interesting thing about Jonathan was the first picture taken of him. Tortoises are considered fully mature at around 50 years old, and that was the age the shelled land animal appeared to be in the photograph.

Upon careful study, Jonathan was found to be at least 186-years old. Because of his age, he has been eating less, and so his vet gives the tortoise a special high-calorie meal at least once a week to maintain his energy.

He has lost his eyesight and a higher sense of smell, but according to his vet, Joe Hollins, his active libido is a good sign that Jonathan still has a few more years ahead of him.

The tortoise’s age has made him an international celebrity. So many people want to snap pictures of the old guy that his caretakers have had to specify how far a person must be to take a photograph.

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There are rumors that one tortoise in India lived to be 250 years old, almost twice the possible age of St. Helena’s celebrity tortoise.

According to Dr. Hollins research on Jonathan, he may be the last of his breed, the rest having been hunted to extinction.

Jonathan lives at the Plantation House on the South Atlantic island of St. Helena with the Governor.

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