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Josh Norman Feels His Contract Makes Him A Target

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No matter what sport an athlete plays or for how long, they will still have their ‘off days.’ It can’t be easy for anyone to keep up with the grueling training schedule. Missing one day might cause a slip at the wrong time. In the sport of American Football, if you slip up, people will take notice and bring it up.

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman has said that his $58 million dollar contract is what has made him a target of recent criticism. Anyone with a TV and eyes might have something different to say.

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Norman was first a player for the Carolina Panthers where he was a star athlete. He was then recruited sometime in 2015 to play for the Redskins by ex-team member DeAngelo Hall. While he was particularly skilled with his previous team, he is only rated the third-best cornerback on the Redskins roster.

On October 8, the Washington Redskin faced off against the Saints on their home turf. What was meant to be a showcase of the players’ abilities became a terrible loss for the visiting team. Josh Norman’s performance during the first half got him benched, video of the game showing him struggling against the Saints’ wide receivers.

After not meeting with much success during the first half, head coach Jay Gruden decided to give Norman another shot. When New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees made a 62-yard pass to Tre’Quan Smith, the Redskins player was nearly 15 yards away and could do nothing to stop the touchdown.

Ex-Redskin DeAngelo Hall said of Norman performance in the Monday night game, “You are thirty years old, dude. Life comes at you fast.”
Regardless of who did what during the game, the team needs to get back to the literal drawing board and figure out how to prevent such a loss from happening again.

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