Journalist Decides To Sing To Beluga Whales While Kayaking And Something Amazing Happens

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Beluga whales are a huge attraction of the Churchill River in Manitoba, Canada, and, in fact, thousands of people go kayaking in here in order to see some friendly Belugas swimming nearby. This was no exception to a journalist, Paul English, that was on a travel writing trip to Manitoba, Canada. He read a lot of things about these stunning sea creatures and wanted to make his encounter with beluga whales a really special one.

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Since he learned that beluga whales were attracted to high-pitched noises, he decided to sing in order to gather some whales around him. At first, he wasn’t really sure that his trick will work, but he kept on trying. However, at one point something happened that he couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams. Luckily, he filmed everything on camera and his story went viral! Everyone was shocked by how these sea creatures reacted when they heard Paul English sing to them.

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