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Julia Roberts Doesn’t Want To Play In Romantic Comedies Anymore

Romantic comedies are a genre of movies that focus equally on the romance and humor that go hand-in-hand with getting to know someone. It is a go-to genre for many people, but the people who play the characters might feel a little differently about it.

Have you ever worked a job that was fulfilling and one day decided you didn’t want to do it anymore? A number of people sometimes leave the great positions they’ve acquired because they feel that it might not be a ‘young person thing’ and more of a ‘youth’ thing.

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Famous rom-com actress Julia Roberts (Runaway Bride; Pretty Woman) does not hate taking part in these movies but has some interesting feeling on it, being a veteran actress of the genre.

“There came a point in my career where people thought I had turned on romantic comedies, which—I love them, I love to be in them, I love to watch them,” Roberts said. “But sometimes, they just don’t work at a certain point of life experience… unless we [play] the parents of the people that are rom-com-ing.”

Perhaps Mrs. Roberts feels that because of the life-experiences she’d had, she may no longer be able to play the kinds of characters she used to play and play them convincingly. “It’s not about age, it’s just about what people know that you know.”

The Pretty Woman actress has now gotten into more serious roles dramatic thriller TV series Homecoming. She stars as Heidi, a counselor working at a facility meant to help soldiers transition back to civilian life.

Homecoming has been well-received by old a new Julia Roberts fans alike. And based on the show’s ratings, there is hope that it will be renewed for a second season.

Do you have a favorite Julia Roberts movie? Do you prefer her in rom-coms or are you open to seeing her in such a serious role?

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