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Kailasa Temple In India Was Carved Out Of One Single Rock

In total, there exist seven ‘World Wonders. Some of the most notable wonders are The Coliseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China, and Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. The monuments all share in common that they were created in the ages when advanced technologies were millenniums away. The question, though, is how does a monument get added to the list?

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One of the greatest marvels on earth has to be Kailasa, a Hindu temple dedicated to worshipping the god known as Lord Shiva. Constructed over 1300 years ago, the place was carved from a single massive stone. Even more amazing is that it took less than 18 years to finish building the site.

Kailasa is another testament to humanity’s ingenuity. It was built as a symbol of Mount Kailash, said to be the home of Lord Shiva. It is the 16th of 34 caves that were constructed in a similar fashion.

Constructed and completed in the 8th century, it should have taken hundreds of years to finish. Because of the sheer size, there is speculation as to how it was constructed and with what tools. Scholars have concluded the caves were created using primitive tools like hammers, chisels, and picks.

There had to be tons of stone removed from the site as the room was made to finish the temple. To imagine a culture back in the 8th century construct something on such a scale, and without the use of modern technology is almost unfathomable.

Many believe that Kailasa and many other sites could have only been built with the use of advanced technology. They also believe that the temple to Lord Shiva and other marvels are evidence that our ancestors were far more advanced than we give them credit for.

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Looking at pictures of Kailasa, it’s easy to see why internet user BassBall55 hopes to get it added to the list of World Wonders.

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