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Best Kevin Garvey Quotes (Leftovers)

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‘Leftovers’ is considered to be one of the greatest television series of all time.

There were a lot of things to digest during the run of this show, and especially with its final episodes. Not to talk about that episode finale, that got us realizing that ‘Leftovers’ are actually a love story.

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This tv show came with so many different plots, diverse characters, and unexpected outcomes.

Kevin is one of those characters that you love to discuss and make different theories about. It doesn’t take long for one too much to realize how important Kevin is for this show’s plot.

You realize that he is much more than just a sometimes-drunk. He is so much in one person. Kevin is a whole bunch of everything folded into one man in a uniform who has hallucinations, blackouts and occasional desire to shoot rabid dogs.

During the whole show, you can see that he is a big part of everything weird that’s happening around.

While Kevin questions his decisions during the entire show we can see how much does he progress and evolves, and your heart grows more to him.

The whole series lead to one final episode that got us thinking about these character faith.

The last episode of ‘Leftovers’ comes with a number of things to digest. We got even more than what we have expected. They managed to resolve a lot of character plots and arcs along the way in the last season.

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Some things were expected, while some were not so. But all in, the biggest surprise was Laurie popping back up. Therefore, the grand finale was more emotional resolution than a climax, and it felt just right.

Read top 5 Kevin Garvey Quotes.

Top 5 Kevin Garvey Quotes

1. ‘That’s how I found you, Nora. I refused to believe you were gone.’

2. ‘I think something’s f***ing wrong with me.’

3. I don’t understand what’s happening.’

4. ‘You can’t have a kid because then you’d have no excuse. You can’t be a victim anymore. You’d have to be OK. And no one would feel sorry for you.’

5. ‘I want to have a baby. With you.’

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