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Kids That Spend Too Much Time On Screen Might Be At Higher Risk of Depression and Anxiety

We live in an age where there are screens around almost every corner. It’s hard to escape from them. Adults spend quite a bit of time looking at screens, updating statuses, reading the latest gossip about tv families and don’t consider the repercussions it might have on their children.

Recent studies have shown that children who spend too much time on screens are more likely to develop certain disorders that are otherwise avoidable.

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The study found that as little as one hour of screen time began to affect multiple things like self-control, lower emotional stability, and difficulty in completing general tasks.

The authors of the study, Twenge and Campbell, wrote in their paper, “Previous research on associations between screen time and psychological well-being among children and adolescents has been confliction, leading some researchers to question the limits on screen time suggested by physical organizations.”

Analyzing a random sample from 40,300 caregivers of children from 2 to age 17, the study yielded some interesting results. They found some interesting results:

• About 9 percent of youth aged 11-13 who spent an hour with screens daily were not curious or interested in learning new things
• Among teens aged 14-17, 42.2 percent of those who spent more than seven hours a day on screen did not finish tasks compared with 16.6 percent who spent one hour the day on screens

The study also found that adolescents who spent seven hours or more on screens were two times as likely to develop and be diagnosed with anxiety or depression.

Kids should be encouraged to be kids and go play outside with their friends. Before much of the technology of today, we went outside with our friends to play various sports and live out our monster-fighting dreams.

Take your children out to a park and play Frisbee or soccer with them. Just encourage them to spend less time on a screen. It’ll greatly improve their mental health and help you make a better connection with them.

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