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How Kimberly Became The Chef Of Her Own Restaurant After She Survived Cancer, Hurricane Katrina And An Attack

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Many people allow the simplest of things to bring them down. For a child or teenager, it may be the canceling of a favorite show or not getting a birthday cellphone. Adults may anger over their favorite taco truck running out of meat after a long workday.

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Kimberly Jackson has shown everyone to persevere through the biggest of setbacks and shrug off the smaller ones.

Jackson was once employed as the assistant principal but forced out of her position not by a firing or new employment, but an injury caused by one of the students enrolled. During a particularly hectic day at school, the woman had to separate a handful of students.

After dealing with an initial dispute and having to stop a fight, she went back to the first and was punched in the side of the head inadvertently, sustaining severe damage to her left occipital nerve. This forced Jackson to quit her job, leading to her and her twin boys to get things to eat from the food bank.

It wasn’t the first time that the woman and her children were forced into living this way. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, her home was in one of the affected areas. She had lost everything and had to start from scratch.

Despite the injuries having left her bedridden for months, Kimberly taught her sons Zion and Jordan how to cook. She would tell them how to make a dish and it was brought to her to be tasted. Having to eat at food banks for so long has taught her how to work with the ingredients she was given, and make excellent meals. Using this as motivation, the former assistant principal sought to open up a food place.

Leaving education behind in March, Kimberly Jackson sought to refine her culinary skills. In June, she had the opportunity to trial run her restaurant menu for Southern Slider Bar at the York Taste Test Incubator in Pennsylvania.

If a severe vision altering injury can’t stop this woman from being a success, what are you allowing to get in your way?

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