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This Annual Lantern Festival In Thailand Will Take Your Breath Away

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Tradition is an important part of every culture. No matter what family you are a part of, there is something that is always a custom or celebration passed down from generation to generation. Many people who belong to one culture may love the idea of celebrating another.

Christmas is a tradition that generally spans a variety of cultures. Japan, the United States, and England are just a few of the countries known to celebrate the holiday, regardless of citizens’ religious backgrounds (who doesn’t love presents?).

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Holidays are one thing, but there are celebrations that for some people are on a whole different level of meaning. No matter their culture, they will always enjoy participating in a custom or celebrating another culture’s holiday because of how they connect to it.

One such celebration is that of Yi Peng (or Yee Peng), an annual lantern festival held in Thailand’s northern city of Chiang Mai. The festival is usually held sometime in mid-November during the night of the full moon.

The belief is that lighting a lantern can do a number of things. One might wish for good fortune in the coming year or be wishing to let off the stress caused by the past year’s troubles.

A lantern festival might not sound exciting at first, but lighting them is just part of the large celebration. People from all over the world come to light lanterns and make wishes.

During the festival, many people go to pray and meditate with local monks.

Mae Jo University usually has the biggest lantern release, with several thousand people in attendance. To be part of the University’s activities requires the purchase of a ticket and adhering to a strict dress code: long pants, and a white shirt with no shoulders showing. There is also no alcohol allowed.

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If you wish to see the beautiful sight of lanterns ascending into the night sky carrying wishes, YouTube has plenty of videos showing the events held during Yi Peng.

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