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This New Underwater Restaurant Is Truly Breathtaking, Wait Until You See Inside

This restaurant in Norway caught worldwide attention when they announced the features that will be available to its visitors very soon in the future. While some of its features might be creepy to some, others, on the other hand, are amazed by the creative minds behind this unique project.

What no one expected is that their focus isn’t only on the excellent fish-based cuisine. And the fact that this restaurant is submerged under water is just the beginning of it. Everything about this Norwegian restaurant called “Under” will make it a location none of its guests will ever forget. Dare to discover what “Under” has in store for you!

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1. Under The Sea

This unique restaurant in Southern Norway will soon take part in the most authentic dining maps in Europe and worldwide. When Under opens it will be the largest underwater restaurant in the world with a seating capacity for 100 guests.

Not only will this dining adventure be special for being submerged under the level of the sea, but it will also include additional touches that will make it an exceptional experience to all of its visitors. Name Under doesn’t only stand for the English word, but also means “Wonder” in Norwegian.

2. At The Water’s Edge

Snøhetta, the multiply awarded firm that stands behind the architectural solution of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, had different aspects in mind when approaching this once in a lifetime project. They had to take account of natural surroundings, climate, temperatures as well as the increased pressure below the sea level in order to create a project that fulfills their studio’s high standards.

Apart from entertaining guests with the astonishing interior and exterior, they used the opportunity of closeness to the sea to educate people about marine biodiversity and the Norwegian coast. They did this by installing informational plaques that lead guests to the restaurant entrance at the water’s edge.

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3. Raw Beauty Immersed In The Water

This iconic structure highlights the raw beauty of the coastal surroundings of the gourmet restaurant. The streamlined form of the building was intentionally chosen because it would invite mussels to attach to the structure’s surface and bring another level of authenticity with time.

The concrete had to be used in order to handle the heavy winds and waves that occur during strong storms. Not only, but this resistant material also allows a pleasant experience under the water without experiencing issues with pressure alterations.

4. Interior

Snøhetta paid attention to every little detail of the interior as well. The first level down is where the champagne bar is and it represents the transition between the coastline and the sea.

The main focus is of course at the acrylic window that offers an incredible panoramic window to the life of the marine ecosystem and the motions of the sea. The window is very thick in order to prevent any glass breaking in event of strong waves.

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5. Enhanced Experience

What this restaurant wanted to point out to as well is the marine biodiversity located in the ocean. They promised to put extra effort into educating guests about the Norwegian coast and its ecosystem.

Under plans to also function as a research center for marine biologists or researchers that are interested in underwater wildlife. So, this restaurant is not meant to be a single scoped space, but will rather be open for new discoveries.

6. Underwater Ecosystem Theatre

Snøhetta thought about how well will visitors see when underwater. So they installed lighting inside the restaurant as well as on the seabed that will enhance the visibility of the aquatic life nearby.

Not only, but they thought about what the visitors will see too. They found a way to attract fish near the restaurant with plankton in order to attract more wildlife near the guests. And they promise that the underwater journey will be accompanied by diverse sea creatures such as colorful lip fishes, lobsters in gladiator battles, seals, spiny dogfish and distinctive seaweed.

7. Wave Show

The architects are so self-confident about their structure and the choice of the location that they announced some additional entertainment elements as well despite the coastal rough weather.

The senior architect Rune Grasdal at Snøhetta, actually said: “The most exciting experience will be visiting the restaurant during rough weather. It will be fantastic to see the sea surface broken up by the big waves and the rain, making for a very dramatic view.”

8. The Rough Location

The Under restaurant is located in Southern Norway at one of the places where winds are especially strong. Snohetta team chose intentionally the location of Mandal, a small town in Lindesnes as the perfect one for this type of restaurant, as it is very immersed in the coastal weather and has all the features this architectural firm was looking for.

In fact, the structure was built with heavy winds and waves in mind, so they wanted to choose a location that would enhance all of the features this building contains.

9. The Oldest Lighthouse of Norway

Also, when the weather permits, visitors could visit the Norwegian’s oldest lighthouse in the surroundings of the restaurant. This lighthouse dates back to 1656 and today it hosts many exhibitions about maritime culture.

The mountainhall below the Lindesnes lighthouse also includes a cinema and a cafe that could even add some more beautiful moments to a trip to Under. Locals are very proud of this lighthouse and say that it’s a very romantic place to visit.

10. Opening In Spring 2019

Finally, “Under” announced that it will open to the public in April 2019. In fact, the reservations are already functional and people trying to be sure to get a table once they are in Norway. Some are even traveling to Norway only to see this underwater wonder.

The chefs are carefully chosen and will put their best effort into each dish. They even say that some meals could take up to 4 hours of preparing. It seems that Under really has a lot to offer. But we’re still wondering what will the prices be.

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