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Lavender Might Have Properties That Reduce Stress and Anxiety

There are a number of ways for one to improve their health. And although it may seem the furthest from likely, there are is one way to improve health most people don’t think about: smell. That’s right, recent studies have shown that the right smells can help provide a range of benefits.

For those unfamiliar with aromatherapy, it “is a holistic treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being.” The extracts of many plants such as Spearmint, Aloe, and others are ingested to sometimes treat a specific ailment. So why not smell something to improve your health?

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Lavender has been seen as one of the best aromas to have around. Aromatherapy products range from bath bombs and lotions to candles and Epsom salt. It is said to great for reducing stress and anxiety.

Hideki Kashiwadani, physiologist and neuroscientist at Kagoshima University in Japan, conducted a study to examine the effects of Lavender on stress in lab mice.

Using linalool, an oil derived from the Lavender intended for clinical human use, the mice in the study were exposed to the oil housed in a special chamber. The study found that those exposed to it were less anxious and were prone to explore. Mice give benzodiazepines, an anti-anxiety medication behaved as if they were drunk.

The mice whose sense of smell was blocked showed no improvement in reducing stress and anxiety.

Although there has been no testing yet, Dr. Kashiwadani is optimistic that in the future linalool may be used to help reduce stress and anxiety in humans and other mammals.

Lavender is a very calming smell but prolonged exposure, according to the Kashiwadani, will lower the effects that the odor may have to reduce stress.

Are you a fan of the scent? Or is it just not your thing?

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