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This Lego Fan Gives Up His Job To Play With Lego All Day

Even as an adult, we sometimes never lose our love for the toys we had growing up. Regardless of what people tell us, we’ll pit dinosaurs against alien spaceships or have a Pokemon foil a bank robbery. But one of the most popular toys that transcend generation gaps are the almighty Legos.

James Windle is a self-proclaimed Lego addict. He has loved playing with the little plastic blocks since he was a kid. Until recently, the 34-year-old from Manchester was working as a shelve stacker at the supermarket chain Tesco.

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With the Lego Discovery Centre being the in the same city that he worked in, it was only natural that James sought out employment at the place that first inspired his love of building. Narrowly beating out 1,000 other candidates, Windle had finally acquired the title of “Master Lego Builder.”

The interview process actually involved presenting designs to children, likely to get their honest feedback about the designs they’d actually play with. The ‘you’ve got the job’ signal was a knock on the door from a 10ft Lego shark.

James Windle has joined the ranks of other master builders and is now one of only 24 in the entire world.

Windle explained why he held such a deep love for the Lego blocks, “My head is full of ideas and Lego is one of those products you can play with and there’s never a wrong or right answer. If you build something you can break it up and make it again.”

Now that he’s employed Lego, James gets to enjoy a nice discount on all future purchases.

It might be hard to see why he out of the many would be chosen, but the company had a great reason: “We chose James because he’s absolutely perfect for the job – he’s incredibly creative and talented, outgoing and patient and the kids love him, of course.”

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