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This Woman Sailed In Total The Equivalent Of 8 Laps Around The Globe

Source: rowliarow.com

Traveling is a dream for many people. A lot of us are fine sitting at home eating tacos and watching tv, many only feel fulfilled when they set off on an adventure. Most people would just jump onto a plane or boat to reach a destination, but adventurer Lia Ditton shows us that’s not for everyone.

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With the way Ditton’s began on boats, anyone would be surprised she’s still into the lifestyle. Much like other children, she was forced along with her brother to spend months at a time with their parents their sailboat. Who would want to sail after being forced to do it for so long?

“By 14, I swore I’d never set foot in another sailboat again,” Ditton said about the early years of adventuring with her family. In those days, she took to training in long-distance swimming as a means to avoid boat travel and stay where it was dry. “I became a navigator so we could get to our destination faster. I could swim, row and navigate by the age of eight, so I could find out ways to get off the boat.”

It was when Lia Ditton turned 21 that the love of sailing struck her. After her family took a trip back to Thailand, she sailed back to the UK. It is during this time that she learned from other captains in various countries what it takes to sail in a larger vessel.

Thanks to her renewed interest in sailing, Ditton went on to participate in competitive sailing. In addition being the youngest person to compete in the OSTAR 2005 Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race, she was the only woman.

Many of the competitions she’s been a part of have involved rowing. In the race from the Canary Islands to Antigua, the sailor rowed 3,000 nautical miles. “I knew within hours of finishing the race that I’d row again.

In total, Ditton has sailed the equivalent of eight laps around the globe: 150,000 nautical miles.

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