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The Official Trailer Of Lion King’s Remake Is Released And The Movie Is Breaking Records Before Its Premiere

It has been 24 years since the very first animated Lion King movie was released. It spawned at least three sequels and two tv shows. With ‘The Lion Guard’ having become so popular, is it really a surprise that Disney wanted to make a live-action Lion King movie?

Well, “live-action” is stretching it just a little bit. While the movie will look far more detailed than the cartoon ever did, it will heavily rely on CGI sequences and characters. How else is a realistic looking lion prince supposed to profess his love to Nala? You certainly can’t teach a lion to sing, can you?

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If you didn’t already know, The Lion King is the story of Simba, son of Mufasa, ascending to his position as king of the pride years after his father’s death and depose his uncle Scar, who will be played by 12 Years a Slave’s Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Rafiki, the crazy baboon will be played by Black Panther’s Jonh Kani.

Some big names have also been recruited for the project set to release on in 2019. Donald Glover, son of Lethal Weapon actor Danny Glover, will be playing the role of Simba, son of Mufasa. Nala, Simba’s lion love interest will be played by none other than Queen Bey herself, Beyonce Knowles.

Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen will play Timon and Puumba, the meerkat/warthog duo that made the Hakuna Matata catchphrase popular.

Returning for his role as Mufasa is the legendary James Earl Jones, who has played the character many times since the original movie’s release.

When Donald Glover was asked about working with Beyonce, he admitted it was a little intimidating. He has released music under the stage name Childish Gambino, but singing with a member of Destiny’s Child was something else.

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The 34-year old actor stated he turned to his kids to keep him grounded since they had an ‘I don’t care’ attitude to his adult problems.

The Lion King will release worldwide on July 19, 2019. Are you excited to see the movie re-imagined?

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