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Guy Throws A Lit Cigarette In A Sewer Hole and It Turns Out To Be A Very Bad Decision

Accidents can happen anytime, really. There are some days when it’s simply not your day, and everything you try to do turns into a disaster. It may go to such extent that you simply wish you haven’t gotten up from your bed.

Murphy’s law says “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” and on certain days, we just can’t help but relate to it to the core of our being. But, while you think that you had a bad day just because you said something you didn’t mean, or you may have spilled coffee on your boss creating a huge mess in your office.

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Well, all of it wouldn’t stand a chance in comparison with this guy. What happened to him is simply real, bad luck. The chances of him causing an explosion were so little, but still, he managed to beat the odds!

Who would think that this simple hole in the ground could be hiding something very dangerous? Well, apparently not him, he threw the lit cigarette in the hole and looked down to see where it would end. What a wrong decision! Only if he had moved away immediately, he might not have ended up on the ground!

Boom! The explosion was quicker than him and got him off his feet. The sewer hole seemed to respond quite abruptly to his lit cigarette.

However, we’re relieved to see that he’s alive at the end of the video. We hope that he’s doing fine today and does not have consequences of this surprising blast. In any case, we’re sure he’ll watch more closely next time, and learn the lesson: Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground!

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