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How Being Called ‘The World’s Ugliest Woman’ Changes Your Life

1. Uniqueness

Elizabeth Ann Velasquez was born on March 13th, 1989 in Austin Texas. If she were a regular Texas girl we must certainly would not be talking about her right now. This girl is a one of a kind and a really inspiring person.

Lizzie was born with a really rare congenital disease called MFLS (Marfan lipodystrophy syndrome) which basically means that some of her genes have mutated in a way that, among other things, she is unable to accumulate body fat. To understand how uncommon this condition is, we will tell you that in 2016 there were less than 10 cases of this disease registered.

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2. Young years

So, we all know how easy it is to be bullied in an American high school. It’s enough to say something to the wrong person and you will have at least one more person make fun of you for it. Now imagine being born with an extremely rare condition that disfigures your body. And now you know what Lizzie’s childhood was like.

Additionally, when she was 4, she lost vision on her left eye and is now vision impaired. In 2006, when she was only 17 years old in a YouTube video she was pronounced The world’s Ugliest Woman. Ouch!

My question is: how is somebody so insensitive to even decide to make such a competition and, not only that, but also include a woman with a serious medical condition?! You, Mr. Creator of this video are most certainly the ugliest person in the world (at least on the inside, most certainly).

3. Taking charge

After this horrible video came out, Lizzie could have easily given up, given the fact that she was in a very fragile teenage years (who wasn’t self conscious in this age, right?), however she decided to fight once more. Ever since then she has spoken about child bullying and raising awareness about it.

You know that saying – when life gives you lemon, make lemonade? Well, Lizzie is the perfect example of it. She has taken up motivation speaking and decided to make a change in the world. She gave a speech in TedX conference titled How do YOU define yourself.

4. Her first book

If this woman hasnt enchanted you by now let us tell you that in 2010 she wrote an autobiography co/authored by her mother, Rita Velasquez, called Lizzie Beautiful: The Lizzie Velasquez story. This book consists of letters that her mother has been writing to her through Lizzie’s childhood.

This inspiring book helps us discover what beauty is for each one of us. It also includes photographs of Lizzie and her family. This Austin girl is an excellent example of the ability to turn your flaws into your strength just by having an incredibly strong willpower and support from your family.

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5. Be Beautiful, Be you

This is another title of Lizzie’s books. This is one of two that are directed to teenagers: she wants to teach the youngsters to learn to define beauty by themselves and avoid anybody imposing them the current fashion trend or models as imperatives of beauty.

In this book, published in 2012, the inspiring young author is trying to make us reflect on our own gifts and blessings via anecdotes and various exercises. This book will make you think twice before you get really hard on yourself or wallow in self-pityness.

6. Choosing Happiness

Is the title of the second book by Lizzie dedicated to teenagers and creation of their self image. In yet another heart-to-heart confession, the author tells us about her personal path, her condition, but also how the very thing that makes her uncommon doesnt mean that she acts, thinks or should be treated differently than others.

Even if you are not a teenager and are simply someone who lacks motivation and needs to be pushed into a specific direction, this book will help you make that decision and be proud of the final results.

7. Dare to be Kind

In yet another book, Lizzie shows us her virtuous writing skills by teaching us another important lesson (in case our parents and teachers missed out on this very important one) which is compassion.

This book will show you as well as everybody around you, has inner forces that, if you know how to chanel them properly, will become your motor in accomplishing anything you set your mind on doing. Thank you, Lizzie, for this incredible insight!

8. A brave heart: The Lizzie Velasquez story

In 2015, a documentary under this title was made about her life. This amazing documentary in it’s 1h and 30 mins follows a story of a (not only) cyber bullied girl that overtime becomes a big activist against bullying and a motivational speaker.

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She reveals details of her life journey and throught her emotional rollercoaster and eventually acceptance and initiating a campaign against bullying. Liz should be an inspiration to us all!

9. Unzipped with Lizzie Velasquez

To all of those bullies and ill.intended people that were against this womanm just because she looks differently (which is most certainly not her fault!) we have another news. This inspiring 29-year-old woman is currently staring her own show under this title.

In it she discusses with her guests about beauty standards, fashion and many similar topics. Im sure you will love it if you give the show a chance!

10. YouTube Channel

This extremely charming girl, besides her career as an activist, writer and motivational speaker, also has her own YouTube channel. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and you think that you know exactly the topics that will be most popular there. Well, think twice!

She has various playlists with a huge array of different topics. They vary from promotion of her books, e.g. Dare to be kind and documentaries about her like Brave heart but also she helps us get an insight into her everyday life, makeup styles and her thinking process. She is supper charming, check them out!

11. Celebrity supporters of Lizzie Velasquez

If you haven’t realized how important is the fight against bullying that Lizzie has started and has dedicated her life to, just ask celebrities! Many of famous celebrities are standing next to Lizzie and supporting her every step of the way.

Just to name a few we are talking about iJustine, Michelle Phan, Felicia Day, Kristen Bell, Chris Hemsworth, Kylie Jenner and Katie Couric.

12. Motivational quotes by Lizzie

If we still haven’t convinced you of the uniqueness and beauty of this amazing lady, here are some of her most famous inspirational and motivational quotes that are bound to make you reflect deep and hard about them.

Dance off the bad vibes! This mighty woman knows how to keep us engaged and thoughtful about ourselves and others too. Turn your jam up and dance that trouble away! Bravery, perseverance, and humor: Once you have them you can tackle anything. Amen, sister!

13. Light up your own world!

This is probably one of my favorite quotes by Lizzie. There’s so much depth in it, think about it! It shows us that we need to be not only satisfied with who we are and what we’re doing in life but also that we need to be our own light, aka source of life.

Maybe you should think twice before you say to somebody that they light up your world and instead try to find this light within you, because, as this brave woman teaches us, you must have it somewhere inside you. Happy hunting!

14. You are stunning! Own it!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – this woman is one of a kind! I love how she plays with the word stunning that we most frequently use to refer to physical beauty – a stunning woman is a beautiful woman for example.

She uses the word, however, to talk about our inner self, our souls, she calls them stunning and sends us a clear message to be proud of who we are and not let anyone cu our wings off. Thank you for these amazing words, Lizzie!

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