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Thai Tourist Gets Pickpocketed In London, Records The Female Gang In Action

Traveling is one of those activities that inevitably fills your life with joy, new energy and plenty of inspiration. No wonder so many people simply can’t get enough of it. But, being a tourist in a foreign city isn’t always a perfect thing. Locals might not be that friendly, the language of your destination might be too difficult to understand and it might be a bit confusing to get around with all those strange letters around. These things can definitely bring some difficulties along your journey, but there are some things that can literally ruin your entire trip.

Something like pickpocketing. And that’s just what two Thai tourists Nina Spencer and her friend Toi experienced while visiting London. Usually, tourists are told to avoid sketchy areas and beware of people at night. But in some cities, pickpocketing can occur literally everywhere, and during daylight. Nina Spencer and her friend had to learn it the hard way that you have to keep your belongings as close as possible to your body, even if you’re walking through Cambridge Circus, the central location in London. But what is strange is that the two tourists actually caught the thief on camera! Read on to discover more about the gang that’s been roaming the streets of London and pickpocketing innocent people.

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1. Visiting European Metropolis

Visiting London is always exciting for tourists from all over the world. This ancient metropolis has so many things to offer that it simply may not be enough to visit it only once. Whatever you’re interested in, you can find it in England’s capital.

Science? There are numerous museums that gather some of the most incredible discoveries. Art? Still, countless museums and galleries that are worth a visit. Shopping? You can find low-cost brands, luxury brands, and stores of all kind. But all that comes at a certain price.

2. London Is Quite Expensive

Every Londoner, or a person that has ever visited London, can tell you that this city is quite expensive. Well, that’s why the Thai tourists, protagonists of this story, came prepared and brought enough cash to be able to stroll around and visit all those places they have planned on seeing in their itinerary.

But what Nina Spencer and her friend Toi didn’t know is that cash you carry around can also get easily stolen. But, who would expect something like that to happen? Noone travels anywhere with the presumption that you might lose all your money. Well, in the end, you may take some extra safety measures, but still, why worry about those things if you want to spend some amazing time in a new city with your friend?

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3. Cambridge Circus

At the time everything happened, Nina and Toi were at Cambridge Circus, the junction of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road in Central London. The entire area is stunning, and especially interesting to tourists from out of Europe because of it’s Georgian and Victorian buildings.

There are a number of social and cultural institutions on this junction. There are the Palace Theatre and The Ivy that are both a great place to meet some of the famous actors and celebrities. Quite an unusual place to expect a coordinated pickpocket attack, you would say. But apparently, London comes with plenty of surprises, and not all of them are necessarily positive.

4. Expect The Unexpected

The two friends, Nina and Toi were at the Cambridge Circus when they decided to record a video of themselves happily crossing the street and enjoying the moment of spending time together in London. They intended to send the video to their friends and let them know what a good time they were having.

But little did they know what was going on just behind their back. And most importantly, little did they know that filming their stroll at that exact moment was the best thing they could do.

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5. Everything Seemed Normal

At first, everything seemed quite normal. As you can see on the photo, there are the two Thai ladies, other London women behind them, nothing particularly strange.

But we couldn’t be more wrong. What escalated from this more than an ordinary situation, is something not even Sherlock Holmes would have expected to happen.

6. Take A Closer Look

Now that you know how unbelievable the story unfolds, you probably assume that the pickpockets that are about to steal the Thai woman’s wallet are exactly behind them.

Yes, none other than those well-dressed women standing behind them. Who would ever suspect a pickpocket would look like that, right? Well, it looks like these ladies have a well-functioning method.

7. The First Approach

The girl in the leather jacket looks like she is deep in her thoughts, not even taking a slight glimpse of what could be in Toi’s purse. But, as all professional thieves, this is all a mask.

What is actually going on is that this girl is actually coordinated with the other three girls that appear in the video the tourists recorded. After assuming that some of the two tourists might have something “for them” in their bags she decides to start the crime.

8. Ready, Steady

The girl in the leather jacket takes out her smartphone (with the red cover) and probably signalizes the other girl with the red lipstick and the bun where the money is.

At that point, you can see how coordinated this pickpocketing is. What happens is that suddenly the other two girls are apparently connected to the first one, and they all move to cover for what the girl in the jacket is about to do.

9. Action!

The woman in sunglasses comes closer to the girl in the leather jacket, holding a large shopping bag. When the pickpocket reaches to dip her hand into Toi’s bag, the woman in black covers her partner-in-crime’s hand in action so no one can notice what happened.

They did everything so quickly that no one was even aware of what happened. Not the two Thai ladies, not the passengers, literally anyone. But, that is about to change very soon. There was a witness all of them would prefer to have avoided.

10. No One On The Crime Scene

After the two have successfully stolen the wallet out of the Toi’s purse, apparently we become aware that the pickpocketing gang is actually made of 4 women that were surrounding Toi and Nina.

As soon as they took what they wanted, they quickly moved away from Thai ladies and changed their direction. They were certainly satisfied with the result. But just as these two poor Thai ladies couldn’t see the thievery arriving, the gang ladies also had no idea what was coming.

11. Realizing The Wallet Is Missing

After everything occurred, Nina and Toi have simply crossed the street, just like they intended to. They had no idea that the entire female gang had just used them as their targets to perform just another of their coordinated pickpocketing crimes.

After a minute or two, Toi wanted to check something in her purse, when she realized that her wallet was missing. When she saw it, she couldn’t hide the shock from her face.

12. Calling The Police

Since Nina was actually living in London with her English husband, and Toi was visiting her, Nina knew that she had to react immediately. Nina called the police and reported the thief. When they asked for the description of the event, Nina had something they didn’t expect.

She sent them the video of the entire coordinated action of the female gang. It looks like this story has never-ending surprises because policemen didn’t expect to be able to identify thieves so clearly. It doesn’t happen that often that the crime is solved entirely by itself.

13. Delusion

Obviously, the two Thai ladies, especially Toi that was robbed and finally came to visit her friend in London, were disappointed and deluded from their experience.

Although they didn’t get the wallet back, the two ladies still believed they did something for the better good. “We don’t think it’s possible to have the money back now. But we just want to be helpful and let the police be aware of things going on in the city,” she said.

14. Reports Show That Pickpockets Target Asian Women More Often

After the incidents, all sorts of information about pickpocketing, robbery, as well as tourist-oriented thievery came out. It turns out, that targeting tourists is a common thing that occurs not only in London but all over the world.

What wasn’t really known is that often, the targets of these actions are exactly Asian women. Maybe because they go in smaller groups, or because a lot of Asian women love to go shopping in Europe, so they assume they would have a lot of money in their wallets.

15. Pickpocketing Capital

If you’re traveling to London, make sure you don’t have a lot of cash on you since this city is the capital of pickpocketing with over 223 incidents per 1,000 people! The data shows that the victims are usually tourists.

Also, be aware that pickpockets attack mostly at key transports interactions and crowded tourist spots. In 2017 only, there were nearly 200,000 incidents of pickpocketing in London only! Therefore, next time you’re there, be aware of where you hold your belongings.

16. Still No One Is Arrested

But what happened with the female gang that targeted Nina and Toi? Apparently nothing. Despite having a video that clearly shows faces of the women from the gang, no arrests have been made to this day.

Although this might seem strange to us, Londoners actually are quite used to it. They believe that a huge CCTV system that London’s Metropolitan Police has implemented has taken policemen off streets, which is why more incidents are occurring. That’s also one of the reasons more and more people in London have begun to employ private police services.

17. Pickpocketing Cities Across The World

Although pickpocketing can really be a nightmare and ruin your trip, it shouldn’t be the reason to stop traveling, right? What you can do, is do your best to keep your money and your personal belongings safe and close to yourself.

Also, be especially careful when visiting these cities that are according to TripAdvisor the most highly targeted cities for pickpocketing: Barcelona, Spain, Rome, Italy, Prague, Czech Republic, Madrid, Spain, Paris, France, Florence, Italy, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Athens, Greece, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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  • francesco petrone

    very good reportage

  • Jesse Pollock

    Its called CCTV and facial recognition. They should easily be able to find out her regular whereabouts, post for people to come forward. What century are you from? Ever seen a wanted poster (Yes they do it for pickpockets too you knob)? The hell is wrong with you?

  • Ryan

    I wonder what Eastern European country these criminals come from.. and they wonder why we voted Brexit. Out now and deport all their criminals back ASAP

  • glen gaffney

    criminalty is on the increase and the elitists encoiurage this by doing zero because they are after the big prize total control

  • Stephen

    the comments about the police doing nothing are rubbish. Just because the offenders faces are seen, you are looking for them in a city of over 8 million people. the chances of them being recognised are slim to none. when they are caught the videoed crime can be added to their no doubt long list of offences. also CCTV did not take police officers off our streets, the Tory government did. as they did across the country.



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