Thai Tourist Gets Pickpocketed In London, Records The Female Gang In Action

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Traveling is one of those activities that inevitably fills your life with joy, new energy and plenty of inspiration. No wonder so many people simply can’t get enough of it. But, being a tourist in a foreign city isn’t always a perfect thing. Locals might not be that friendly, the language of your destination might be too difficult to understand and it might be a bit confusing to get around with all those strange letters around. These things can definitely bring some difficulties along your journey, but there are some things that can literally ruin your entire trip.

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Something like pickpocketing. And that’s just what two Thai tourists Nina Spencer and her friend Toi experienced while visiting London. Usually, tourists are told to avoid sketchy areas and beware of people at night. But in some cities, pickpocketing can occur literally everywhere, and during daylight. Nina Spencer and her friend had to learn it the hard way that you have to keep your belongings as close as possible to your body, even if you’re walking through Cambridge Circus, the central location in London. But what is strange is that the two tourists actually caught the thief on camera! Read on to discover more about the gang that’s been roaming the streets of London and pickpocketing innocent people.

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