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His Ex-Wife Nagged Him For Years To Cut His Hair, But When He Did Her Jaw Dropped

1. Gandalf From Connecticut

In 2015, on the set of The Rachael Ray Show a life-size photograph appeared and drew attention of the show’s audience. It was a photo of Ian Cook, a man from Connecticut that had long, gray hair over his shoulders.

Combined with his messy beard, he just looked like a 2000 version of Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings. Needless to say, Ian’s children weren’t really thrilled about his appearance and felt something just had to change…

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2. No Haircut

Then 54-year-old Ian from Stamford, worked in utilities and didn’t care about getting a haircut for a really long time. Indeed, he admitted during the show that he didn’t cut his hair for more than four years.

In fact, to prove his statement, Rachael revealed in this episode that his last haircut appointment was so long ago that it was actually requested by his ex-wife!

3. Ex-Wife Requests MakeOver

And it seems that this time too, the makeover was requested by his ex-wife Karen. But this time, it happened in the popular show.

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Source: YouTube Screenshot

Rachael was happy to say that it was the first time in her show that a former partner nominated anyone for anything on the program. Karen was clearly motivated by a serious reason, and couldn’t stand the “hairy” situation anymore even if she was separated from Ian.

4. Shaggy Hair Embarassment

It seems that the reason behind Karen’s motivation was in the former couple’s children. Ian and Karen are parents of then 16-year-old twin brothers, Benjamin and Cameron.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

And while they lived with their mom in Milford, a town close to their dad, they started becoming distant from Ian. Karen thought they got to an age where their dad’s appearance seemed somewhat embarrassing and were ashamed to be seen around with him.

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5. A True Motivation

When Rachael introduced the show’s style expert Kyan Douglas, Benjamin, Cameron and Karen were excited to hear the hints on how Ian will look now. But the professional groomer didn’t reveal nothing yet.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The groomer said : “He’s doing this for his sons. Because they get a little embarrassed sometimes when they bring the ladies home, and they’ve got the Gandalf guy in the living room.” The boys got clearly uncomfortable with this situation, but were however proud of their dad.

6. The Middleman

As the boys got older and puberty hit, their behavior also changed. Ben and Cam would quickly go from being shy to ignoring their dad. The change in their age and behavior made confronting their dad about his coiffure quite unlikely.

That’s why Karen thought she had to get involved, even if she was Ian’s ex-wife. She didn’t want her boys to become distant from their dad only for the way he looked and his crazy looking hair.

7. Ex-Wife Negotiator

Rachael suggested to Karen “You’re trying to broker the deal”. But, Kyan the style expert had a different way of thinking. He thought the boys were too sweet and shy and couldn’t tell Ian what they really expected of him.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

While Karen, being his ex-wife and much more mature, just overtook the situation and made everything happen. Ian laughed in good nature, however, it seems that there was a serious intent behind it all.

8. Proud Father

At certain points of their lives, parents notice that their kids start to feel embarrassed by them. That happened to Ian and he wanted to make it stop.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

So, he was more than ready to make this ridicule stop and have that long awaited makeover. He said “I want them to be as proud of me as I am of them”.

9. Attached to Hair

Karen revealed for The Rachael Ray Show that Ian had always had very special looking hair. They showed a montage of photos that undoubtedly confirmed this statement.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

At the picture of the former couple on their wedding day Ian had lustrous dark locks and a matching, bold mustache. Gray hair and unkemptness were however recent addition.

10. Hairy From The Start

Rachael joked to Karen about Ian’s hair and their relationship by saying:” You went into this kind of knowing what you were getting, by the by”.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Another picture of Ian holding his twin babies showed a completely new hairstyle. The next photograph, on the other hand, revealed a shorter and blonder beehive-like hairdo.

11. Teasing On The Show

When audience laughed at the embarrassing photos of Ian, Rachael felt they needed to take it easier a bit. Rachael jokingly said gesturing to Ian “We have to knock it off. He’s right here!”

The show host found a way to excuse the moments of teasing by saying “He’s a perfectly lovely man inside”. And considering that he put up willingly with public embarrassment just to make his family happy, he surely is.

12. Wrong Styling

The show host with her style expert were commenting the style situation of Ian. The way he dressed, his messy hair made him look too careless. However, they both agreed that besides it all, Ian was still a handsome guy.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Kyan also added: “I love his eyes. He’s got a strong cheekbone.” Rachael agreed quickly as they were looking at Ian. But what could go so wrong that this man simply accepts looking like a modern Gandalf?

13. Middle Age Crisis

Ian was actually going through a middle-age crisis as many of other men. He just accepted that he was getting older and simply stopped making much effort over his looks. While thinking too much about appearance might be bad, neglecting how we look also takes its toll on how we feel about ourselves.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

So, Kyan the style guru added “He’s super furry, and when I look at him I see a guy who’s gotten comfortable, maybe a little too comfortable, like we all do from time to time… I just want to do a version of him that’s better.” And indeed, Ian really seems like he totally accepted his comfort zone and just didn’t want to do anything about it. But will they really help this man achieve a makeover he was hoping for?

14. Time For Makeover

So, the time for makeover finally arrived. The team knew what to do and disappeared behind the screens to do their magic. They needed some time for Ian’s much-needed spruce up.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

In no time, Ian was ready to show up with his completely new look. He must have been thinking “Will my twin sons and ex-wife like the result?”. But he could never expect the reaction they all had when he stepped out from behind the screen. They were simply blown away!

15. A New Look

The neglected hair and bear were far behind, and Ian got a trendy combed-back haircut that still saved a bit of his hair. His beard and handlebar mustache were tastefully groomed and trimmed. He seemed very tidy and like a totally new man!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Now, in front of the audience, there was a new Ian standing that appeared with his entire beauty and attractiveness. Evidently, Ian was really proud of his new image.

16. The Ex Joke

The subject of the makeover looked so much better than before, that the host couldn’t resist but tease Karen. Rachael said, “I think she’s rethinking that whole ‘ex’ thing!” Karen laughed while still being shocked with her ex husbands restyling.

Ian answered with an exaggerated joke “Oh noooo!” shaking his head from side to side. This was the most demonstrative reaction of this episode so far. However, some flames certainly sparkled when Ian got on the stage.

17. Who is That?

Even if Ian and his twin sons were lost for words, and a bit shocked by this new look of him, Karen had something to say. She was apparently happy with the result, but maybe even more than anyone would have expected.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“When he came around the corner, he looked like someone on TV,” she said. “I don’t know who, but I was like, ‘Who is that?’” She was evidently impressed by the way her former husband looked like now and added, “I’ve never seen him look like that.”

18. Better Looking Then When Being Younger

Rachael totally agreed with Karen and added that this was the best Ian had ever looked. She added, “You saw their wedding pictures, right? He didn’t even look like this on their wedding day!”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

And while he might have been younger on the photos. He definitely looked better now. The host said she loved his hair now. Rachael ran a hand through Ian’s fresh locks and added, “It’s very hot for women. Just long enough to push behind your ear is super-sexy, man.”

19. Lost for Words

Affectionate dad Ian had put himself through the nationwide attention and embarassment for his boys. Audience expected the twin boys will be surprised and have a wonderful reaction. But, they are just shy teens that felt uncomfortable being in front of the cameras and were therefore lost for words.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After the filming, both Benjamin and Cameron finally found their voices and let Ian know that they adored his man-over. Ian and boys were surely hoping this step will be a big one in their mutual support and relationship.

20. No More Awkwardness

After the episode aired on TV, Karen spoke to local newspaper the Milford Mirror about the man-over journey. When describing what happend after the show was filmed, she recalled, “The boys could not take their eyes off of Ian on the train ride home and kept saying how great he looks.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Hopefully, Ian and his twin sons won’t have awkward situations anymore. The Gandalf looking dad won’t be around anymore, and the twins will be more relaxed when bringing their girlfriends home. Will this makeover also change their relationship for the better?

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