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How LA Lakers’ Lonzo Ball Improves His Shot Accuracy By Growing Muscles

Credit: Twitter / @NBALakersNation

When you are on a large scale stage like the NBA, it’s important to keep your skills sharp. Every shot or pass needs to count and you don’t want an opponent slipping the ball away from your grip. Many famous players who’ve played for the Los Angeles Lakers have shown what an effective training regimen can do.

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A recently signed player, Lonzo Ball, is showing what just working on your arms can do. During his first year with the Lakers, the 20 years old basketball player was averaging 30.5% from the 3-point. It sounded like something needed to be done, and comparison pictures appear to show the young man made changes.

In side-side images, Ball’s upper body is noticeably different. In his rookie year, he had a more lean build. His more recent picture shows a noticeably larger upper body. One team likened the physical changes to his teammate become the Hulk from Marvel Comics.

It is agreed among a wide range of people that Lonzo’s shots have greatly improved in accuracy, though the player has said otherwise on numerous occasions, saying the size of his muscles is why his shots “look different.”

The player had also mentioned that thanks to his stronger legs, he had more balance when shooting. It makes sense with the improvement of his shot percentage.

Although the team has been officially eliminated from the playoffs this year, it doesn’t mean that the training will stop. Perhaps Lonzo can train the other teammates who have a form in need of perfecting.

It’s possible that Lonzo may be a source of inspiration for the team. If the 20-year old baller can improve on his already impressive skills, there may be a chance for the Lakers to hit the playoffs.

Do you think it’s possible with the rookie? Or will it take more than his extra muscle to get to that championship?

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