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9 Genius Tips On Losing Weight After 40

Maintaining an ideal weight is one of the best ways to live a healthy life. As we get older, though, losing the pounds we pack on becomes more and more difficult. Our metabolism slows down and our bodies cannot burn as many calories.

If you fall into the group of adults over 40, there are a couple of things you can do to help lose weight:

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1. Get Up Earlier

Some of us are not morning people, but waking up early is a great way to start. Research by The Obesity Society showed that people who woke earlier in the day made more health-conscious food choices than night owls.

In both men and women, there is an increase in their respective hormones in the morning. Because they are highest upon waking, it helps to jump-start your metabolism as you run through a morning workout.

2. Work Out Before Breakfast

Not everyone can head right to the table to start eating breakfast. If you like to shake off the grogginess before you begin your day, you can start it by working out before you cook yourself a nice breakfast.

Combined with a limited calorie diet, your body will absorb the majority of nutrient during the rest period after your workout. Working up an appetite is also a good way to motivate yourself to actually cook something. You can also grab an apple or banana.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast and Make It the Largest Meal

Some experts recommend breakfast with healthy choices like oatmeal or whole wheat toast and fruit. Although a small meal, it can suppress your hunger enough to keep you from purchasing something unhealthy from the gas station down the road.

Be sure to make breakfast the largest meal of your day. It is nicknamed the most important meal because it can help jump start your metabolism.

One study found that women who took in most of their calories at breakfast lost more weight than if more calories were taken in later in the day.

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According to research, eggs are also a great way to get BMI under control. The extra protein can fuel your metabolism to burn the calories away.

4. Get Some Sunlight

So you finally decided to have your workout in the early morning. Instead of just working out inside your home, why not go for a run in the early morning sun? According to studies conducted by researchers at Northwestern University, there was a correlation between lower BMI and exposure to morning sunlight.

Leave your blinds open so the sunrise wakes you up, energizing you for the workout to come.

5. Take The Stairs

In the modern day, it has become very easy to avoid ever setting foot on a flight of stairs. If you work in a building or school with two or more floors, take the stairs instead of the elevator from now on.

A great way to improve cardiovascular health, a person of average weight can burn 10 calories for each flight of stairs they traverse.

6. Buddy Up

Having trouble getting yourself out of the house long enough to exercise? Ask a friend or two to join you on your weight-loss journey. Not only will you benefit from being active, but you’ll be able to catch up and form stronger bonds with the friends who join you.

Research shows those with a support system are more likely to stick to an exercise regimen and/or diet.

7. Plan Stress – Reducing Activities

You have finally started and maintained an exercise schedule with friends. But there is more work to be done. Losing weight isn’t just about the weight-lifting and Pilates, it’s also about relieving your stress in productive ways.

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The stress hormone cortisol has a significant link to massive weight gain, so your stress-relieving activities should never involve food.

8. Eat in Front of a Mirror

This one some might find a little odd, but there is a benefit to it. When you eat in front of the mirror by yourself, you tend to notice the things on your plate in greater detail. You become aware of the unhealthy choices that have become part of your normal diet.

Eating in front of a mirror will help you dissociate with the food you’ve come to eat on a regular basis.

9. Squeeze Some Citrus

The hunger that we feel is often our body alerting us to a need to hydrate. If you add a little lemon juice and salt to your water, you’ve created electrolytes, a great source of energy.

With that ‘hunger’ satisfied properly, you can avoid ingesting unnecessary calories.

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