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Lost Pig Follows A Police Officer Until They Become Friends

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Rob Shaw/Clearwater Police

Animals surprise us humans every single day. They show us they are capable of complex things we never thought they could do. And with many of these being house pets, police officers respond to the most peculiar of calls.

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From cows cornering a woman accused of identity fraud in a grass field to a cat calling 911 for help, cops do more than arrest people and issue tickets to drivers breaking the speed limit. When an animal is involved, special care must be taken to ensure the safety of the animal and the officers and/or citizens involved.

Rob Shaw/Clearwater Police

For Brittani Berg, an officer of the Clearwater Police Department, the next call she responded to would have a lot more ham that she thought she would see that day.

A family had called Clearwater PD about a lost pig, and Officer Berg was sent to investing what was going on with the animal.

Thinking the animal might run away, Berg and her colleagues thought they might need to ‘convince’ the animal to stay, and so acquired food and water.

It seemed it wasn’t necessary because the pot-bellied pork had taken quite a liking to Brittani. No matter where the cop walked to around the family’s house, the pig was not far behind.

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Brittani Berg and her fellow officers decided to take pictures with their new friend before the local SPCA picked her up to keep her warm and fed while the family was located. The pig even posed and smiled for its photos with her group of buddies.

Mere hours after being housed at the SPCA, the pig was once again back with her worried family.

Pigs are far more intelligent than people give them credit for. The adventurous animal probably thought if it found another human, they could help her find a way back home.

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