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Lottery Winner Wanted – The Lottery Company Can’t Find The Person That Won 97 Million Dollars

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Winning the lottery is a dream that everyone can aspire to achieve. While it’s not always a guarantee you’ll win something, playing with the hope of winning is enough for some. Hitting the jackpot is a big deal, many people choosing to stay anonymous for safety and sometimes more for social reasons.

A great deal of lottery winners from the UK to the United States are well known by first and last name. While some do remain anonymous, others may not have a problem letting people know the ridiculous amount of money they’ve acquired. What happens, then, when no one steps forward to claim a massive jackpot?

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While it’s easy for some people to wave around their ticket, it may have slipped a person mind that a ticket was purchased, as might be the case with the Euromillions.

A ticket was purchased recently in eastern England, in the Boston and Skeggness region, for the Euromillions 76.3 million pound jackpot (97 million US). That’s a whole lot of people that literally no one would pass up on accepting, right?

It’s this motivation that has the company urging players to scrounge through clothing, under bills, and in trash bins for the possible winning ticket. The winning ticket holder has about two weeks to claim their prize, as is standard with most lotteries.

According to Camelot, the group that runs Euromillions, the location of where the winning ticket was sold, will be publicized if no claim is made within the time limit.

Andy Carter, who serves as an advisor to lottery winners said this about the situation: “We’re desperate to find this mystery ticket-holder and unite them with their winnings and we’re urging everyone to try checking in the pockets of clothing, in wallets, bags, down the back of the sofa and anywhere a missing ticket could be hiding – someone out there could literally be sitting on a fortune.”

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