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How Can The Power Of Love Heal Anything?

Medical professionals always talk to us about what’s best to stay healthy. They do not hesitate to say what we should eat, how often we should exercise, and the recommended hours of sleep we need. That’s all wonderful to take note of in life, but what about the power of love?

Sure, it sounds like something out of a sappy romance novel. But here’s a list of scientific ways that love really does have the power to heal:

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1. You Literally Glow

You know the saying “you’re positively glowing?” Well, it turns out that really is possible. Being in love is a wonderful feeling. You feel like you can float on air and do almost anything (just don’t try anything).

When you are in love, your body flushes with hormones like endorphins, bringing a noticeable color difference to the surface of your skin.

Lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, might help with intensifying that glow, making your skin less prone to acne.

2. Beat Your Stress

Long days at work are especially challenging. All you want to do is go home relax and have a nice meal in quiet bliss. Having someone there to share that meal with after a hard day’s work can be very rewarding.

You get the opportunity to vent about what events during the day got to you the most and have a loving ear to listen to all of it.

With the euphoric feeling of love supplying the release of endorphins and lowering cortisol, you are almost never prone to the ill effects of stress.

3. Helps You Stay Fit

It is hard to stay motivated enough to get off the couch to exercise. When you are by yourself, there really isn’t anyone to get you moving and pumping that iron. Don’t stop yourself from achieving your workout goals.

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Find someone you can fall in love with and you’ll have the best workout partner ever. So you don’t want to work out all the time, but being part of a couple can at least help you maintain some sort of schedule.

Studies have shown that couples reach their workout goals far sooner than solo gym-goers. Couples can also rely on each other to stay motivated the whole time they are moving.

4. Heal Faster

No, you will not be regenerating like some comic book superhero. Though, what love can do for healing, some might refer to as a miracle or even magic.

According to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, “scientists found that wounds heal faster in couples who are in a stable and loving relationship.”

The opposite could also be said for those in unstable relationships. It was found that in people who were sad or lonely, there were heightened levels of cytokinesis, an inflammatory hormone. People in love were found to have lower levels of this hormone present in their bodies.

5. Live Longer

There is many sayings that come with age. “Age is just a number” is a favorite of many people, though when you get to a certain level of grey hair, you can feel that number in your bones.

It is important to have balance in your life and having a partner can help with that a great deal. With your loving partner by your side, you are less likely to be lonely and suffer from depression.

Sharing the load of stress that life has to offer can extend the life of both you and your partner. Having someone to share things with can also relieve the physical stress associated with holding back one’s feelings.

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6. Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure has become an important health issue in recent years. With more food options only serving to exacerbate the issue, there’s almost no way to eat something without raising the number.

Having and maintaining a loving relationship is a great way to manage your blood pressure if it is an issue. It’s important that your partner understands how seriously it may affect your health.

7. Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a major issue for a number of individuals. They might be a little neurotic and feel at a level others do not normally. But having a loving person by their side can help a person manage and get their anxiety under control.

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