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Luke Skywalker Praises a Kid Who Refused To Fight Bullies Because It’s Not ‘The Jedi Way’

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Bullying is a major issue nowadays. It seems that kids were never so angry and ready to fistfight. Sincerely speaking, even according to statistics bullying is #1 problem in schools and with kids of all age. Luckily, from time to time there is a light in the dark.

In general, kids are amazing, right? Just occasionally some of them lost their path and they need a real-life example or a role model to put them back on the right track. Read about how one kid-inspired million to think about their actions and re-think bullying in schools!

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1. School Is Tough

When asked about school experience what would you say, how was it? For some school was the best place ever, for others not so much. But they all can agree on one – school is tough.

School can be overwhelming. Homework, obligations, demanding teachers, sport, social life, meeting people, losing friends, it all can be extremely stressful.

2. Primary School Is Everything

Let’s face it – the school is difficult, but the primary school is everything. After all, everything starts there.

A primary school is a place where you get your first friend, meet your first crush, and you get your first sad experiences as well.

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3. Is School A Safe Place?

Schools are designed to nurture knowledge, creativity and team work. Moreover, they are designed to protect the world by educating young minds on right and wrong.

However, with so many pupils around and loaded school system mistakes happen. Sadly, mistakes are sometimes even lethal.

4. Protecting The Children

Every school’s mission is to educate children and protect them while they are under the school’s roof. Just like in every space, there are children with different values.

Not every child is the same. Therefore, what might be right for your child, is not necessarily right for another one. Good and evil are not perceived identically.

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5. White Lies

A white lie is a very important factor when it comes to children’s personal development. Let’s face it – children do lie. Do you punish them for it or let them by?

White lie a lie about an unimportant or small matter that someone tells to avoid hurting another person.

6. Children Learn From Their Parents

People think that one lie is not an important thing. But, one lie builds up to another one, and another one and so on.

Regular lies can lead to hiding and inappropriate actions that can result in different children’s behavior, including bullying. So, you should make sure to teach your kid right from wrong.

7. Having A Friend

School is the place where you meet your friend for life, as well. That person will become your support during different emotional moments.

Your best friend is there for you all the time, to listen to you, advice you and even protect you. But, what if your best friend can’t protect you?

8. You Are Enough

A school is a great place for children to learn that regardless of their friends help and support they are actually alone.

As a kid, you need to learn to deal with problems independently and to be ready to make your own decisions. Moreover, you need to learn to stand behind them.

9. Having A Role Model

Everything is easier when you have proper guidance, right? The same goes for children as well. That’s why it’s important for kids to have a role model.

A role model doesn’t have to be necessarily a person. It can be a philosophy as it’s in this kids case.

10. Once Upon A Time There Was Yoda

Film industry affects our lives every day. Moreover, it affects our emotions and the way how we perceive things.

One of the movies that moved millions is ‘Star Wars’ franchise. And our hero is no exception.

11. The Jedi Way

The Jedi are peace-keeping warriors, in case you’re not familiar with their mission. Jedi must keep a clear mind, control their emotions, and embrace justice.

In the 2017 film ‘The Last Jedi, the most famous Jedi ever, Luke Skywalker, wins a fight by refusing to be violent.

12. The Jedi Boy

Recently, a young boy reminded us how important ‘the Jedi way’ is by refusing to fight back the bullies who attacked him.

His name is Aiden Vasquez and he is 10 only years old. Why did he refuse to fight back? He said, “it’s not the Jedi way”.

13. Aiden’s Philosophy

Being a victim of bullying is difficult at any age, especially when you are just a 10-year-old kid.

Somehow Aiden managed to find his inner peace and calmness at so young age, and therefore he is more than respected.

14. Luke And Aiden

Aiden understands how the world works and that sometimes by not doing nothing you do actually much more than you planned.

Aiden’s action went viral and some of the greatest Jedi had to share his support toward this boy’s action.

15. The Last Jedi

Back in 2017 film, Luke won a fight by refusing to be violent and to let the Dark Force take him. Aiden basically did the same thing.

Now, Mark Hamill – Luke Skywalker himself has shown his support of the brave young man.

16. Two Bunch Palms Primary School

Vasquez attends Two Bunch Palms primary school in California and on the day of the attack he didn’t expect to end his day with stitches.

Vasquez was sent to the hospital after the attack because he needed hospital treatment.

17. This Wasn’t The First Time

Many believed that this was the first, and hopefully the last for Vasquez to suffer injuries while in school. The truth is the opposite.

This wasn’t the first time for Vasquez to visit the hospital due to a bullying attack. Actually, this was the second time Aiden was attacked and sent to the hospital.

18. No Fight Is A Fight Also

Many wonders why he didn’t fight back. Well, according to his mom he has a really good reason for it.

Lizette Casanova, boy’s mom, said that her son won’t ever fight back because he “felt it in his soul not to hit the kid back.”

19. Mark Hamill Was Amazed

Mark Hamill was so admired by boys action and his fate in non-violence that he had to share his respect with the world.

Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy and 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So, is really popular among the Jedi community and when he speaks everyone listens.

20. Mark Hamill’s Tweeted

He simply tweeted: “I’m astonished by his wisdom and courage [at] such a tender age.”

We hope that actions like this one will only inspire children to be kinder toward each other. After all, change begins with a single step.

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