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Luxembourg – The First Country To Make Public Transport Free For All

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Transportation has become a major issue as humanity biggest cities have begun to suffer congestion on their roads. Some cities have attempted to offer free public transportation, but lack of funding has caused such programs to be offered for no more than two months at a time.

The small European nation of Luxembourg is leading the movement when it comes to treating its citizens the best in regards to transportation services. Xavier Bettel, the Prime Minister of the small country, has moved to enact a law that eliminates the required fares for trains, buses, and trams.

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The Democratic Party seems to be great at getting the citizens on their side. Not only will jumping onto train or bus be free, but Luxembourg may also have cannabis legalized under Democratic rule. The party is looking to introduce new public holidays as well.

One of the biggest problems plaguing the country is the crippling traffic in Luxembourg City. More than 400,000 people commute through the city on their way to work, but the city has a residential population of only 110,000. Commuters from countries like France and Belgium add to traffic congestion, making free transportation programs of great importance.

Luxembourg is not new to making public transportation free for its citizens. Last summer, everyone under age 20 was given the privilege of free rides on buses and trains. Secondary school students were also provided a shuttle, free of charge.

The country is only beginning with their free transportation program. The hope is that by 2020, tickets, booths and ticket policing will be a thing of the past.

Do you think that Luxembourg can sustain this type of program even though they are a small nation? If it is successful, do you think other nations might follow suit and attempt to offer free transportation to its citizens?

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