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A Magpie Forms An Unlikely Friendship With A Whippet And Learns To Say “Merry Christmas”

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Picture: Janine MacLean / SWNS

Pets are a great way to help one live a healthy life. They make great companions and inspire many good feelings. If you want an animal that can sing to you, birds are great. If you’re wondering what type of bird, 45-year-old artist Steve Rostron and his magpie friend Mike have an answer.

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Normally people would keep birds like Macaws, parakeets, cockatiels, and even finches. As magpies are rumored to be the most intelligent bird in existence, keeping them as a pet probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

While you can’t keep them as a pet, there have been instances where humans and Magpies bond. Steve and Mike’s relationship is one such case. The black and white bird was found when he was only two weeks old and taken in.

Over the years, the Magpie grew closer to Steve and his wife Janine. Boo, the couple’s whippet, became best friends with Mike and are almost inseparable now.

Picture: Lee McLean / SWNS

Aside from forming a bond with an animal that would normally eat him, Mike the Magpie has learned more than just how to co-exist with Boo. With Magpies having a reputation for superior intelligence among similar animals, it is a surprise that Mike can also talk?

“He can get quite chatty, mostly saying his own name,” Steve said about his avian friend, “with a lot of it not making any sense.”

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It also seems that living with a Magpie is not much different than having a child.

“…he does pick things up, especially with the radio being on all day. We have decided not to swear around him.”

Being the smart little bird he is, Mike learned a new phrase that proves he’s in the holiday spirit like those around him.

“We couldn’t believe it when he came out with Merry Christmas, it really was astounding.”

If you want to watch the bird speak his newly learned phrase, go over to YouTube and simply look for “Mike the Magpie” and you’ll find his newest video and a couple of others.

Have you ever had a pet bird that could talk?

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