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Makeup Rules You Should Know By Age 40

Plenty of people like to say that makeup is not for everyone. Some may not have an inherent knack for laying it on, but practice makes perfect, as with everything in life. It’s important to stay on top of your game, in case you need to ‘do yourself up’ real quickly.

Here are a couple of helpful makeup tips that anyone interested in makeup should know by age 40:

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1. Say Yes To Foundation; No To Powder

We all know that with age, comes many more lines on the skin on and around our face. Powder, despite having been used for generations, has a knack for making one look older than intended.

“Powder adds way too much texture, looks cakey and takes the life out of your skin.” Skin is alive and should look dewy and touchable,” states Cindy Joseph, founder of the BOOM! makeup line.

Joseph recommends that less is more when it comes to liquid foundation. The Urban Decay brand has an excellent color coding system that helps match the perfect foundation to your skin tone.

2. Know Which Lip Colors Work Best With Your Skin Tone

Aging robs us all of the natural lip definition. Avoiding dark colors like purples and deeps reds will help keep the attention away from that particular detail. Joseph suggests that one “choose a color that blends into your skin tone color palette. You can find the best hue for yourself if you look at the color tone of your lips, tongue, and gums.”

3. Apply Blush In Places It Occurs Naturally

Blush is often used by women in an attempt to accentuate their cheekbones, giving their face a more slender look. Over the course of the day, the attempt to make one’s face sleeker will slowly look more unnatural.

Cheekbones are not the place to apply blush. It is best applied where it occurs naturally, in such places as lips, cheeks, the outer eye crease, upper forehead, and neck, according to Joseph.

4. Stop Applying Eyeliner To Your Lower Line

The eyes naturally droop with age, but do you want to emphasize the minute details that show your age? Instead of adding eyeliner to your lower lashline, line the top to open up your eyes a bit more.

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If you absolutely feel the need to line your bottom lash line, do so from the outer corners and connect the top and bottom lines.

5. Never Let Your Lipstick Migrate

The naturally aging process one’s lips make it harder for older people to keep makeup on with fewer applications. Using a clear lip liner, trace the outside of your lips. It will help create a buffer that keeps the lipstick where it needs to be.

6. Don’t Go Overboard With Undereye Concealer

As we get older, the skin under our eyes becomes thinner and slightly darker than surrounding tissue. Applying too much concealer will only bring unwanted attention to that part of your face.

To avoid looking like a certain ring-tailed forest dweller, concealer should only be blended into the spots that absolutely need it, especially where tissue is darker than the rest.

7. Avoid Sparkles

Sparkles can be a lot of fun, but makeup is probably not the place for glitter. Who wants to have glitter sitting in their wrinkles? If sparkles are what you’re all about, you can still be minimalist and simply dot the inner corners each eye and center of the eyelid.

8. Always Fill In Sparse Brows

Some of us blessed with slightly thicker eyebrows, though we all begin to feel our hair thinning when we get close to age 40. Whatever your brows finally are at that age, make sure to choose a matching eyebrow pencil. Joseph favors brow pencils and gel with brown undertones.

9. Use A Pearly, Not A Frosty Highlighter

If you aren’t going to Dairy Queen, then ‘frosty’ doesn’t need to be in your vocabulary. Iridescent highlighter shades are bad if you want to pull the attention away from the fine lines. “For highlight and radiance,” says Joseph, “avoid frosts and use creamy pearlescent instead.”

10. Never Skimp On Primer

Primer is an excellent tool to have at your disposal, especially if your work throughout the day requires makeup to be long-lasting. Much like adding the primer to a wall about to be painted, administering primer first will secure the makeup.

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You will come out showing people your skin is creamy and smooth.

Are there any other makeups tips you think people should know?

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