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Man Walks In A Pet Friendly Store With A Horse

Pets are a great addition to any family. They provide companionship whether they are a bird, dog, cat, or even a pot-bellied pig. There are even people with anxiety disorders that can get their animals certified to be an ESA (emotional support animal). But what if someone wants to bring their furry on a shopping trip?

Oklahoma is known for its weird weather, some places falling within tornado alley, hot rains that leave you sweating, and summers with 98 percent humidity. The temperatures aren’t that great for humans, much less animals. It is precisely the reason one cowboy decided to bring his older hooved friend in to shop around with him.

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Tractor Supply has a policy that allows any leashed pet to accompany their owner inside the store. The usual pets might be something like a dog or maybe even a pig. But as shopper Rob Morris noticed, one man brought something a little larger in.

“The gentleman walks into Tractor Supply and says, ‘I’m a senior, here to buy feed for my senior horse. Can he come in?’” Since the horse had a bridle, the manager of the location had no problem obliging the man’s request.

The cowboy’s horse seemed right at home accompanying his friend through the aisles of the store, both enjoying the cool air-conditioning the building had to offer. The large animal had caught the attention of some children who were lucky enough to pet the horse.

The cowboy and his horse seemed more like close friends than owner and animal. It takes a strong bond for someone to be able to keep a horse calm.

It might seem odd to allow a horse to roam through a store, but when it’s a place that sells farm equipment, why not?

What would your reaction to a horse in a store be? I know I’d be taking pictures too.

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