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8 Surprising Massage Therapy Benefits

What Is Massage Therapy?

It is a type of treatment where a medical practitioner manipulates the soft tissues of the body including; connective tissue, muscle, ligaments, tendons, and skin through the use of different movements and pressure levels. Generally, massage is considered an integrative and complementary medicine offered alongside the standard treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

Presently, massage is not only offered in the luxurious SPAs and classy health clubs but also provided as a service in different businesses, hospitals, clinics, and airports. Read on this post if you are looking to know more about massage, its benefits, and the different types of massage.

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Common Types Of Massage

Generally, massage stands for rubbing, pressing, and manipulating the skin tendons, muscles, and ligaments. There are various methods of massage including light stroking and deep pressure. The following are the common types of massage:

  • Swedish massage – gentle massage with long strokes, deep, circular movements, tapping, vibration and kneading helping you to relax and energize.
  • Sports massage – almost same as Swedish massage, but this is special for individuals involved in sporting activities and events preventing and treating injuries.
  • Deep massage – uses slow but forceful strokes to aim at deeper muscle layers as well as the connective tissue that commonly prevents muscle damage from injuries.
  • Tiger point massage – focused on tight muscle fibers areas which form in the muscles after fatigue or injuries.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Take a moment to read about massage therapy benefits:

Relieves Anxiety And Stress

Presently, there seems to be more stress and anxiety than ever before. Sparing a moment to visit the spa or enroll for chair massage at your favorite mall can go a long way into helping lessen stress.

Relieves Lower Back Pain

Many people, especially the aged complain a lot about lower back pain. If this pain persists or gets severe, it can end up in disability or missed work. Massage therapy is the best way to go about relieving the amount of pain in the lower back and decrease the chances of disability associated with it.

Reduces Pain In The Body

Although lower back pain is widespread in the elderly, other body pains can also be treated using massage therapy. Parts of the body that one may seek relief from pain include the shoulders, neck, hip-joints, knee, etc. depending on what caused the pain, massage therapists are specially trained to provide relevant remedy for various conditions such as cancer, arthritis, osteoarthritis, headache, injury, trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, myalgia, and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Reduces Muscle Tension

Whether professional athletes with six-figure pay or simply people who follow the basic workout programs, massage is essential for people who exercise. For instance, sports massage can help with flexibility, conditioning, speed up recovery, and range of motions.

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Improved flexibility

Both athletes and non-athletes, massage is essential for boosting a variety of motion and flexibility muscles. Massage therapy aids in the stimulation of blood circulation around the body muscles, thus increasing the oxygen flow and nutrients to the muscles, thus leading to enhanced flexibility level among other benefits.

Relieves tension headache

Tension headache is common and is believed to be caused by contraction of muscles in the jaw, face, neck, and scalp. Stress is a significant cause of tension headache, but massage therapy reduces the tightness of the muscles and relieves the pain that tension headache causes.

Lowers depression

Depression happens for many reasons, and it often takes long-term joint support involving many caregivers. Nevertheless, massage therapy plays a significant role in helping depressed individuals, especially those whose depression may be related to enduring pain or any other illness. Apart from helping the patients to take care of the pain as well as other symptoms, massage provides a valuable effect on the overall well-being of the patient.

Boosts body immunity

The Swedish massage boosts the immunity of the body by increasing the number of cells responsible for fighting the viruses. While massage therapy won’t stop an illness once it starts, it plays a crucial role in boosting the immunity system as well as the ability of the body to prevent sickness before it starts.

If you think you need massage therapy to help you with any of these conditions, no need to worry. Kindly make the most of these benefits for a better and healthier life.

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