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Now You Can Download More Than 50k Masterpieces Of The Art Institute of Chicago On Their Website

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Taking a leisurely stroll through an art museum can be wonderful with company. Looking at the works of world-renowned artists in person is a unique experience. But have you ever wanted to take a piece home? Maybe hang it in the foyer to greet guests when they come through the door?

The Art Institute of Chicago has redesigned its website and has begun to offer a large digital archive to anyone wishing to access it. In the digital archive, there are currently 52,438 high-quality images available under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

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Being released under CC0 means that the images can be used by anyone for whatever project without citing the original creator of the art.

Some of the most notable images available on the website include Van Goh’s “The Bedroom,” Edward Munch’s “The Girl by The Window,” and George Seurat’s famous “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte – 1884.”

Thanks to the new features of the website, visitors are now able to zoom in on the hi-res art and resize images to their liking. A majority of the world’s greatest artworks will available for people to print on their blankets, a t-shirt, or even their own over-sized canvas.

People who never thought they’d own a piece of rare art will finally (sort of) be able to show off their favorite pieces to family and friends who can appreciate it.

It will be inspiring for future artists to have a piece from one the ‘greats’ hanging on their wall. When they find difficulty in creating, they can look to their mentor’s image for guidance on what to do.

It’s great to see that a group has gone out of its way to make rare art available to everyone. That is the way it should be so that it can be appreciated by everyone.

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