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Megan Rapinoe Facts You Didn’t Know

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Avid fans and players of soccer in the USA should rejoice. The women’s national team won the championship game and the men’s national team made it to their final game. Of all the players, the biggest star of the show seems to be Megan Rapinoe, winger/midfielder for the Seattle Reign FC, a team in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Starting back in 2005, she acquired more than her fair share of accolades. Here are a few interesting facts about the soccer player:

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1. She’s More than Experienced

Rapinoe got her start in the national league when she joined the Chicago Red Stars back in 2005. She joined Team USA the following years and managed to get herself a total of 44 goals for the season, the third-highest of anyone on the team. Next to Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan, Rapinoe is just as skilled on the field as her teammates.

2. A Born Champion

Megan seems to be a great asset to her team, helping a number of victories in 2011 and 2015 respectively. Altogether, including the World Cup season of 2004, Rapinoe’s team managed to maintain a record of 12-2-3.

She was part of the 2015 championship roster and even won a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympic before that. And in both 2014 and ’18, the CONCACAF saw Rapinoe take to the field to aid the Women’s Championship winning team.

The Algarve Cup’s title matches in 2015, ’13, and ’11 saw her participation and paved the way for Rapinoe to run with the team to become the SheBelieves Cup winners in 2016 and 2018.

In addition to her part in the championship games, she’s also gained a number of awards in recognition of her charitable work.

3. The Globetrotter

Rapinoe may be known for her track record for the USA team, but this is not the only country she’s played for or in. At one point or another, the soccer player has scraped the field for the NWSL, WPS, Australia’s W-League and France’s very own D1F.

Around 2013, it seemed her tour of the globe would slow down and she’d make Seattle Reign FC her new home.

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Throughout her career with Seattle Reign FC, she’s scored a total of 50 goals so far.

4. The Inspiration for Soccer

Some people are simply naturally talented at whatever endeavor they take on, but it helps when you have family that’s into the sport.

Born Megan Anna Rapinoe to her parents in Redding, California, she came into the world on July 5th, 1985 putting her age at a healthy 32. It was her soccer coach father who nurtured his daughter’s talents and helped hone them into championship-winning attributes.

It was this heavy training while young that set her on a path in 1999 to become part of the U-14 Olympic Development Program in Northern California.

During her high school years, she was added to the McDonald’s All-American Girls High School Soccer West Team in 2004.

5. 2019 World Cup

While she may have a lengthy history of being an all-around badass on the field, she’s done herself one better. Upon scoring the penalty kick against the Netherlands at the championship game, Rapinoe set a record.

She became the oldest woman to score in a World Cup final. And her record six-goal during the tournament earned her the Golden Boot award, though teammate Alex Morgan clocked more time on the field.

6. There’s a Day Named After Her

Ever the legend, Megan Rapinoe’s hometown gave her the seldom-given honor of having a day named after her. After the 2011 Women’s World Cup, the city of Redding, California dubbed September 10 “Megan Rapinoe Day.”

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7. First On The Cover

Rapinoe and Sue Bird, her current partner were on the cover of ESPN’s The Body Issue back in 2018. This was a big deal because it was the first time ever that there was a same-sex couple featured on the magazine’s cover.

8. She’s Been on Television

Sure, we may have seen her in a commercial here and there. But what you may not know is that she starred with teammate Hope Solo and Crystal Dunn in the Keeping Score docu-series back in 2016.

The series followed the team as the trained and honed their skills for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

9. She’s in a Video Game

Unless you’re a hardcore fan of the sport and an avid gamer, you might not know this. Rapinoe along with others on the national team began appearing in the FIFA game series in the 16th installment.

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