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10 Creative Men’s Halloween 2018 Costumes You Can Buy From Target Right Now

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Halloween is getting closer, and it’s finally that time of year when you can add some creepy vibes to your outfit.

There are two types of people on Halloween: the ones who always bring up the same accessories and outfits and the ones who give their costume a thought or two as soon as October arrives.

No matter which type of person you are, our favorite holiday is a perfect day to amaze your friends or coworkers with your original costume.

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Hit the party with one of the coolest costumes we have picked for you. Your authentic Halloween appearance is just a few clicks away!

1. The Incredibles Frozone Deluxe

The Incredibles Frozone Deluxe Halloween Costume, $35

This outfit will make you stand out in the crowd. Become the frozen-superhero and bring some ice with you as your special accessory!

2. Headless Man

Headless Man Costume, $33.99

Want to freak everyone out? This headless costume is the perfect choice for you! Get prepared to take a lot of photos because you will surely be the main attraction!

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3. A Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger

A Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Costume, $20.99

Why not try this Freddy Krueger costume? Classic, but still creepy enough to scare your friends when they’re off guard.

4. Flinstone Fred

Flinstone Fred Men’s Costume, $30.49

If you’ve always been more a class-clown type of guy, Fred Flintstone outfit will best fit your personality. If you have some extra time, build your portable car out of cardboard and you’ll be the star of the night!

5. Beetlejuice Deluxe

Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume, $35.99

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Good Ol’ Beetlejuice might just bring your Halloween party to the next level! Make sure to find some make-up on time, and don’t forget to order the wig!

6. Lined Vampire Cape

Lined Vampire Cape Costume Red/Black, $23.99

Too bad we’re not in Transilvania for Halloween. But this costume will surely bring some Transilvania vibe to your party. Everybody likes a handsome vampire, so get prepared to flirt with some creepy, nice girls!

7. Voodoo Dude

Voodoo Dude Costume, $50.99

For all of you who like to get a little eccentric for the scary holiday, voodoo costume might just be the best choice. You can add any vintage gadget to this outfit and you’ll be good to go!

8. Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Men’s Deluxe Costume, $34.49

If you’re more of a low maintenance type of guy and prefer not to put too much thought into your Halloween outfit, than this costume covers you 100%. Just put it on, and you’re ready!

9. DC Comics Joker Arkham City

DC Comics Joker Arkham City Costume, $30.99

The all-time favorite villain will surely show up to the Halloween party. But this costume will stand out between all other Jokers. Plus it’s Joker from Arkham city! Classy!

10. Mighty Morphin (Power Rangers)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Muscle Costume, $53.99

A throwback to the nineties’! Whoever was watching Power Rangers as a kid, must’ve had his favorite ranger. We picked white! Go, go, Power Rangers!

These amazing costumes are just a few clicks away! Some of your friends surely haven’t found the right Halloween costume yet. Share this and save your friends hours of searching for the perfect look.

P.S. Make sure you don’t end up choosing the same one!

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